Who doesn’t love s’mores? They’re the classic campfire treat that brings back so many good memories. But why stop at the usual graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows? We’ve rounded up awesome s’mores-inspired recipes that take this favorite to a whole new level.

Three chocolate-covered cereal and marshmallow squares topped with small chocolate pieces, arranged on a white surface.
Photo credit: Modern Honey.
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S’more Scones

S’more Scones. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

S’more scones mix graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow flavors for a sweet breakfast treat. These scones are easy to make and put a fun twist on classic s’mores.
Get the Recipe: S’more Scones

Air Fryer S’more Pie Pops with Nutella

Air Fryer S’more Pie Pops with Nutella. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

These air fryer s’more pie pops with Nutella are great for summer BBQs. They combine classic s’mores ingredients with Nutella, making them a fresh and easy treat.
Get the Recipe: Air Fryer S’more Pie Pops with Nutella

Pumpkin S’mores Cookies

Pumpkin S’mores Cookies. Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Pumpkin s’mores cookies are soft and sweet, combining pumpkin and classic s’mores flavors. Perfect for anyone who loves a fun twist on traditional cookies.
Get the Recipe: Pumpkin S’mores Cookies

Chewy S’mores Cookies

Chewy S’mores Cookies. Photo credit: Baked Abundance.

Chewy s’mores cookies bring the taste of campfire s’mores into your kitchen. Made with marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers, they are great for an easy sweet treat.
Get the Recipe: Chewy S’mores Cookies

S’mores Crème Brûlée

S’mores Crème Brûlée. Photo credit: Chisel & Fork.

S’mores crème brûlée features chocolate custard topped with crushed graham crackers and toasted marshmallows, making it a sophisticated way to enjoy classic s’mores flavors.
Get the Recipe: S’mores Crème Brûlée

S’mores Meringue Cups

S’mores Meringue Cups. Photo credit: Emily Fabulous.

S’mores Meringue Cups are a fancy take on s’mores with a graham cracker cookie cup, melted chocolate, and toasted meringue on top. They are perfect for impressing guests.
Get the Recipe: S’mores Meringue Cups

No-Churn S’mores Ice Cream

No-Churn S’mores Ice Cream. Photo credit: Sweet Fix Baker.

No-Churn S’mores Ice Cream is super creamy and easy to make in under 20 minutes. It’s like enjoying classic s’mores flavors in a frozen treat.
Get the Recipe: No-Churn S’mores Ice Cream

Smores Cookies

Smores Cookies. Photo credit: Sweet Fix Baker.

Smores Cookies bring back childhood memories with chocolate chips, graham crackers, and marshmallows. They are thick, chewy, and perfect for a nostalgic snack.
Get the Recipe: Smores Cookies

Gooey S’mores Bars

Gooey S’mores Bars. Photo credit: Homemade Hooplah.

Gooey s’mores bars have layers of chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and a graham cracker crust. They can be enjoyed melted or chilled, making them great for any time.
Get the Recipe: Gooey S’mores Bars

Baked S’mores Dip

Baked S’mores Dip. Photo credit: Homemade Hooplah.

Baked s’mores dip combines melted chocolate, gooey marshmallows, and crunchy graham crackers, all baked together. It’s a simple way to enjoy s’mores without a campfire.
Get the Recipe: Baked S’mores Dip

Air Fryer S’mores

Air Fryer S’mores. Photo credit: Barefoot in the Pines.

Air Fryer S’mores are a quick and easy way to make this favorite dessert without building a fire. Ready in minutes, they are a fun treat for the whole family.
Get the Recipe: Air Fryer S’mores

S’mores Cinnamon Rolls

S’mores Cinnamon Rolls. Photo credit: Whisking Wolf.

S’mores Cinnamon Rolls are stuffed with chocolate and graham cracker crumbs, topped with toasted marshmallow meringue. They are perfect for a breakfast without a bonfire.
Get the Recipe: S’mores Cinnamon Rolls

S’mores Cupcakes

S’mores Cupcakes. Photo credit: Simply Stacie.

S’mores Cupcakes have sweet marshmallows, graham crackers, and a chocolate cake base. They capture everything you love about s’mores without needing a campfire.
Get the Recipe: S’mores Cupcakes

S’mores Chocolate Marshmallow Rice Krispies Treats

S’mores Chocolate Marshmallow Rice Krispies Treats. Photo credit: Modern Honey.

S’mores Rice Krispie Treats are made with Golden Grahams, Rice Krispies, marshmallows, butter, and Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars. They are perfect for a quick, sweet snack.
Get the Recipe: S’mores Chocolate Marshmallow Rice Krispies Treats

S’mores Brownies

S’mores Brownies. Photo credit: Chenée Today.

S’mores brownies have layers of graham crackers, marshmallow fluff, and cocoa powder. They make a fudgy, gooey treat that’s great for any s’mores lover.
Get the Recipe: S’mores Brownies

How to Make the Easiest Mini S’mores Pies

How to Make the Easiest Mini S’mores Pies. Photo credit: Little Black Skillet.

Mini s’mores pies bring the classic s’mores flavors of graham crackers, chocolate bars, and toasted marshmallows into a shareable dessert. They are perfect for summer.
Get the Recipe: How to Make the Easiest Mini S’mores Pies

Campfire Smores Cones

Campfire Smores Cones. Photo credit: The Slow Roasted Italian.

Smores Cones are a mess-free alternative to the classic camping treat. Prep waffle cone s’mores in minutes and enjoy them with family and friends.
Get the Recipe: Campfire Smores Cones

Double Chocolate S’mores Cookies

Double Chocolate S’mores Cookies. Photo credit: Cambrea Bakes.

Double chocolate s’mores cookies are chewy cookies stuffed with marshmallows, graham crackers, and dark chocolate. They are great for any s’mores craving.
Get the Recipe: Double Chocolate S’mores Cookies

S’mores Brownies with Homemade Marshmallow

S’mores Brownies with Homemade Marshmallow. Photo credit: Cambrea Bakes.

S’mores brownies have a graham cracker crust, fudgy brownie batter, and homemade vanilla bean toasted marshmallow. They are the perfect summer dessert mashup.
Get the Recipe: S’mores Brownies with Homemade Marshmallow

Smores Cheesecake

Smores Cheesecake. Photo credit: Scarlati Family Kitchen.

Smores cheesecake layers rich chocolate cheesecake on a graham cracker crust, topped with toasted jumbo marshmallows. It’s a great way to celebrate summer.
Get the Recipe: Smores Cheesecake

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