Heading out to eat is always a highlight, but when it comes to the kids’ menu, we tend to look the other way. Sure, the crayons and quirky cups are a hit, but the menu itself? Not so much. It feels like a missed opportunity to dive into the real joys of dining out: sampling new dishes, enjoying a meal as a family, and yes, temporarily forgetting the chaos of mealtime at home. Instead of settling for the usual kid fare, we opt for sharing bits of our own meals with the kiddos, just like we do at home. Here’s why sticking to this approach makes every meal out a little more special.

A family looking at a menu in a restaurant.
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Save Your Money

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Kids’ menus often feature staple dishes marked up to double their home-cooking cost, exploiting the convenience factor for parents seeking to appease their young ones. This creates a dilemma between ensuring a joyful mealtime for the kids and maintaining a budget-friendly outing. Opting to share from the adult menu not only introduces a variety of flavors to the young palate but also keeps the expenditure in check, striking a balance between happy tummies and healthier finances.

Teaches Table Manners

A little girl is eating sushi at a restaurant.
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Eating the same meals as adults helps children learn table manners and dining etiquette firsthand. It’s a practical, everyday opportunity for kids to observe and mimic the polite eating habits of the grown-ups around them, turning mealtime into an educational experience which is hard to do with a plate full of chicken fingers.

Everyone Can Enjoy The Meal Together

A family enjoying a meal at a restaurant.
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Ever notice how kids’ meals zoom out of the kitchen way before the grown-up dishes, throwing the whole mealtime vibe off? Suddenly, the kids are halfway through their chicken nuggets while the adults haven’t even seen a bread basket. Skipping the kids’ menu means we all get to dig in at the same time, making dinner feel more like a team sport and less like a relay race.

Discourages Picky Eating

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When kids eat from the same menu as adults, they’re exposed to a wider variety of foods, which can help discourage picky eating habits. This exposure broadens their palate and encourages them to be more adventurous with their food choices, making mealtimes easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Encourages Experimentation

A little girl eating a plate of pasta and broccoli.
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Avoiding the kids’ menu removes the safety net of familiar foods, pushing children (and perhaps some adults) to experiment with new flavors and cuisines. This adventurous approach to dining can foster a lifelong appreciation for diversity in food and a willingness to try new things.

Saves Food

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Ordering family-style from the main menu often means you can tailor portion sizes more effectively to your family’s appetite, reducing waste. Leftovers can easily be taken home, ensuring that nothing goes to waste and you get the most out of your dining experience.

Higher Quality Food

A family sits at a table and eats a meal.
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Main menus typically offer higher quality, more nutrient-dense options compared to the kids’ menu which is almost always heavily fried. By choosing to share these meals, you’re ensuring that everyone at the table, especially the kids, enjoys a more nutritious and flavorful meal.

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