If you’re exploring plant-based eating, you might wonder how to keep meals both interesting and protein-rich. These dinner recipes prove plant-based doesn’t mean protein-poor. From savory Italian black bean meatballs to sweet and sour tofu, these meals are packed with nutrients and flavors that will keep your dinner rotation fresh and satisfying.

A bowl of soup with an egg on top.
Hot & Sour Egg Drop Soup. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.
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Sheet Pan BBQ Tofu & Vegetables

Sheet pan tofu and vegetables with BBQ sauce on a plate.
Sheet Pan BBQ Tofu & Vegetables. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Enjoy a simple and nutritious dinner with BBQ tofu mixed with broccoli, peppers, and sweet potatoes, all roasted on one pan for maximum flavor and minimal cleanup. This dish is a great way to pack in the protein with a plant-based twist. Perfect for a busy weeknight meal.
Get the Recipe: Sheet Pan BBQ Tofu & Vegetables

Italian Black Bean Meatballs

Black bean meatballs in tomato sauce with a spoon.
Italian Black Bean Meatballs. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

These black bean meatballs are a perfect plant-based alternative, bringing a hearty protein punch to your plate. Serve them with marinara sauce over your favorite pasta or zoodles for a complete, satisfying meal that comes together quickly and deliciously.
Get the Recipe: Italian Black Bean Meatballs

Air Fryer Tofu

Air fryer tofu on baking rack.
Air Fryer Tofu. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Air frying tofu is a game-changer, creating a crispy texture that’s perfect for adding a protein boost to any meal. This method uses less oil than traditional frying, making it a healthier choice that doesn’t skimp on flavor or satisfaction.
Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Tofu

Instant Pot Picadillo

Vegan tempeh picadillo served in a bowl with cauliflower rice.
Instant Pot Picadillo. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Try this plant-based version of the classic Cuban picadillo, made with tempeh, lentils, and potatoes. It’s a great source of protein, with bold flavors from olives, capers, raisins, and spices, all simmered together in a tomato-based sauce. Quick, hearty, and flavorful, it’s perfect for a comforting dinner.
Get the Recipe: Instant Pot Picadillo

Lentil Bolognese

Lentil bolognese garnished with basil in a metal dish.
Lentil Bolognese. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

This hearty lentil bolognese sauce is great over any pasta or noodles. It’s easy to cook and packs a serious protein punch with lentils as the star, making it a perfect choice for a filling, plant-based meal that keeps you fueled.
Get the Recipe: Lentil Bolognese

Lentil Pasta with Garlicky Greens

Red lentil pasta with garlic lemon greens in a bowl.
Lentil Pasta with Garlicky Greens. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

This dish combines red lentil pasta with sautéed garlicky kale and a sprinkle of cheese, creating a protein-rich meal that is both quick and flavorful. It’s a great way to enjoy a nutritious, plant-based meal that feels indulgent without the hassle.
Get the Recipe: Lentil Pasta with Garlicky Greens

Lentil Stuffed Eggplant

Eggplant slices on a baking sheet topped with lentil stuffing.
Lentil Stuffed Eggplant. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Lentil stuffed eggplant is a fantastic meal that’s big on flavor and protein. Filled with brown lentils, tomatoes, shallots, and greens, and topped with a touch of goat cheese, it’s a hearty, plant-based dish that’s perfect for any occasion.
Get the Recipe: Lentil Stuffed Eggplant

Kung Pao Chickpeas

Kung pao chickpea dish in a bowl with rice and skillet off to the left.
Kung Pao Chickpeas. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Kung Pao Chickpeas bring a protein-rich vegan twist to a classic dish. Enjoy a burst of bold flavors with this simple swap that keeps all the classic spices and ingredients, making it a great meal for anyone looking for a plant-based option.
Get the Recipe: Kung Pao Chickpeas

Sweet & Sour Tofu

Sweet and sour tofu in a bowl with rice and chopsticks on the side.
Sweet & Sour Tofu. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Sweet and sour tofu is a quick, protein-packed dish that recreates a favorite takeout meal in your kitchen. Ready in just 30 minutes, it pairs crispy tofu with a sticky sweet and sour sauce for a crowd-pleasing meal.
Get the Recipe: Sweet & Sour Tofu

The Best Tofu Marinade

Tofu on a plate with lime wedges and a fork.
The Best Tofu Marinade. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Enhance your tofu with this Thai-inspired marinade featuring smooth almond butter. It’s easy to prepare and perfect for adding a rich, nutty flavor to the tofu, making it a great protein component for your meals.
Get the Recipe: The Best Tofu Marinade

Hot & Sour Egg Drop Soup

A bowl of soup with an egg on top.
Hot & Sour Egg Drop Soup. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Combine the best of both worlds with this hot and sour egg drop soup. This hearty bowl is a great way to enjoy a protein-rich meal that merges two beloved soups into one flavorful experience.
Get the Recipe: Hot & Sour Egg Drop Soup

Tofu Fried Rice

Tofu Fried Rice. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

Tofu fried rice is the perfect quick and easy meal that’s great for protein. It’s adaptable to whatever veggies you have on hand, making it a great last-minute dinner option that’s full of flavor.
Get the Recipe: Tofu Fried Rice

Marinated Baked Tempeh

Marinated Baked Tempeh. Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen.

This marinated baked tempeh recipe turns tempeh into a super flavorful and crispy meal base. It’s easy to make and perfect as a protein-rich foundation for any plant-based meal, ensuring you get a great taste and nutritional balance.
Get the Recipe: Marinated Baked Tempeh

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