We all try to make healthier choices, but some foods aren’t as wholesome as they seem. Hidden sugars can turn your favorite snacks and meals into unexpected sugar bombs. It’s easy to overlook how much sugar you’re actually consuming. Here are some foods that are secretly packed with sugar and what to eat instead.

A variety of breakfast items are displayed, including granola bars, dried fruit, granola, yogurt, and fruit sauces in bowls, all arranged on a wooden table.
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Flavored Yogurt

A bowl of yogurt and a plastic container on a table.
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Flavored yogurts might seem healthy, but they often contain as much sugar as a candy bar. Opt for plain yogurt and add fresh fruit for natural sweetness.


Shelves stocked with assorted varieties of quaker granola cereal in a grocery store aisle.
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Granola is marketed as a health food, but many brands pack it with sugar to enhance flavor. It’s better to make your own or check for low-sugar options.

Instant Oatmeal

Aisle in a grocery store displaying boxes of quaker instant oatmeal in various flavors.
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Convenient and quick, but instant oatmeal packets are often loaded with added sugars. Choose plain oats and add your own toppings to control the sweetness.

Salad Dressings

A spoon in a jar with different dressings.
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Many store-bought dressings, especially the low-fat ones, sneak in sugar to make up for lost flavor. Making your own dressing can be a healthier choice and much more cost effective.

BBQ Sauce

A close up of bottles of sauce.
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This tangy favorite is surprisingly high in sugar, often containing more than you’d expect. Use it sparingly or make a homemade version with less sugar.


A bottle of tomato sauce and a cup of tomatoes on a wooden table.
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A common condiment that can hide a significant amount of sugar. Look for reduced-sugar versions or use alternatives like mustard or homemade salsa.

Protein Bars

Three chocolate bars stacked on top of each other.
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While marketed as a healthy snack, many protein bars are essentially candy bars in disguise, loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients.


A variety of fruit and vegetable smoothies on a wooden table.
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Store-bought smoothies can be sugar bombs, thanks to added sweeteners and fruit juices. Make your own at home with whole fruits and no added sugars.

Canned Soup

An opened can of mixed vegetables and red kidney beans in tomato sauce on a dark countertop.
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Some canned soups use sugar to enhance flavor, especially those labeled as “light” or “healthy.” Check the labels or make homemade soup to avoid hidden sugars.


A loaf of bread with seeds on it.
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Many types of bread, especially white and whole wheat varieties, contain added sugars to improve taste and texture. Look for bread with no added sugars.

Fruit Juice

A supermarket shelf stocked with various juice bottles of different brands, colors, and flavors.
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Even 100% fruit juice is packed with natural sugars and lacks the fiber of whole fruits. Drink in moderation or opt for eating whole fruits instead.

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