There are some foods that you should never eat raw. This article lists 10 of them, highlighting items that could be harmful or toxic without proper cooking. While raw diets are popular for their health benefits, it’s important to know which foods to skip.

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Wild Mushrooms

Assorted wild mushrooms in the sunlight.
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Foraging for wild mushrooms can be like playing dietary roulette. Many wild mushrooms are toxic and can cause severe illness or worse when eaten raw. Always have wild mushrooms checked by an expert and cook them properly.


Potatoes in a wooden bowl on a wooden table.
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Raw potatoes? Think again! They contain solanine, a toxin that can cause nausea, headaches, and neurological problems. Cooking them reduces the toxin to safe levels, so it’s best to keep them off the raw snack list.

Lima Beans

White beans in a wooden bowl on a wooden table.
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Lima beans are like that friend who needs a bit of warming up. Raw, they contain linamarin, which can turn into cyanide in your body. A good boil makes them perfectly safe and friendly!


A sliced piece of plantain on top of a bamboo mat.
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Cassava, also known as yuca, is the ultimate ‘don’t eat me raw’ food. It contains cyanogenic glycosides, which can release cyanide when eaten raw. Cooking it thoroughly neutralizes the toxins.


A woman is slicing an eggplant on a cutting board.
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Raw eggplant can be a bitter pill to swallow, literally. It contains solanine, which, in large amounts, can lead to gastrointestinal upset. Cooking it softens the texture and mellows the bitterness.


Olives in a bowl with a wooden spoon.
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Eating raw olives straight from the tree can be an unpalatably bitter experience. They contain oleuropein, which is extremely bitter and needs to be cured out before they become the delicious morsels we love.

Red Kidney Beans

A variety of beans and legumes are arranged in a pile.
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Raw red kidney beans are the ultimate party poopers, containing lectins that can cause severe nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. A proper boil for at least 10 minutes transforms them into a safe, hearty addition to any meal.


Chicken leg on a cutting board with tomatoes and onions.
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Raw chicken is a big no-no, harboring Salmonella and Campylobacter bacteria. Always cook it to the safe internal temperature to keep your meals delicious and food poisoning-free.

Hot Dogs

Two hot dogs with ketchup and french fries.
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Even though hot dogs are pre-cooked, eating them raw is not recommended due to the risk of listeriosis and other bacterial infections. A quick grill or boil ensures they’re not just safe, but also way more appetizing.


Two wooden spoons next to a bowl of flour.
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Raw flour isn’t just a recipe for culinary disaster; it’s a health hazard. It can harbor E. coli and other nasty bacteria. Always cook your dishes containing flour to avoid a not-so-sweet surprise.

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