If you’re a coffee lover, there’s nothing quite like exploring a city that shares your passion for a great brew. This list of must-visit cities offers the ultimate coffee experiences where the beverage is much more than just a quick drink; it’s part of the city’s heartbeat. Venture through streets steeped in tradition and modern innovation alike, each cup promising a unique blend of local flavors and history. Grab your travel mug and take an unforgettable journey through the world’s best coffee cities.

Pouring hot water over ground coffee in a white ceramic pour-over brewer.
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Havana, Cuba

A view of the city of havana, cuba.
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Havana offers a vibrant coffee scene steeped in tradition, where ‘Café Cubano’—a strong and sweet espresso shot—is a daily ritual. The city’s coffee culture is a lively affair, enjoyed in bustling cafes or quaint street corners, often accompanied by lively music and the city’s historic charm. Cuba’s rich coffee heritage adds a unique depth to every cup.

Vienna, Austria

The city of vienna at sunset.
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Vienna’s coffee houses are UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage sites, famous for their traditional ‘Wiener Melange’—a delightful cappuccino-like beverage. The grandeur of its coffee houses, like Café Central, offers an atmospheric blend of culture, history, and the finest pastries, inviting you to linger over a newspaper in true Viennese style.

Seattle, USA

Seattle skyline with mt hood in the background.
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As the birthplace of Starbucks, Seattle’s vibrant coffee culture is undeniable. The city thrives with a plethora of artisanal coffee shops and roasters, each crafting unique brews and blends. The local favorite, the ‘Seattle Fog’, is a testament to the city’s love for quality espresso, complemented by its innovative and eco-conscious coffee scene.

Melbourne, Australia

The skyline of melbourne with tall buildings and trees.
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Melbourne is renowned for its laneway coffee culture, with baristas serving up expertly crafted flat whites and long blacks. The city’s coffee shops often double as art spaces, reflecting its creative spirit. Here, coffee is an experience, enjoyed alongside avant-garde cuisine and amidst the hustle of Australia’s unofficial cultural capital.

Rome, Italy

The spanish steps in rome, italy.
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Rome’s coffee culture is characterized by its fast-paced espresso bars, where locals enjoy ‘caffè’ standing up, engaging in swift, animated conversations. The ‘Cappuccino’ and ‘Espresso’ reign supreme, with each sip embodying the city’s rich history and love for the art of coffee making. Rome invites you to indulge in its age-old traditions and vibrant street life.

Taipei, Taiwan

The skyline of taipei, taiwan.
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Taipei is a hidden gem for coffee enthusiasts, blending traditional tea culture with a burgeoning coffee scene. The city excels in offering a variety of coffee experiences, from minimalist cafes serving meticulously crafted pour-overs to lively spots offering the unique ‘Bubble Coffee’—a fun twist on the local bubble tea craze. Taipei is a city where east meets west in a cup.

Lisbon, Portugal

A yellow tram traveling down a narrow street in lisbon, portugal.
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Lisbon’s coffee culture is as rich as its history, with locals favoring ‘bica’, a strong espresso, often enjoyed with a ‘pastel de nata’ (custard tart) on the side. The city’s cafes range from historic to modern, all offering a cozy ambiance to enjoy Portugal’s coffee traditions amidst its picturesque streets and vibrant, tile-clad buildings.

Paris, France

The eiffel tower and the seine river in paris.
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Parisian coffee culture has evolved, blending traditional charm with third-wave coffee trends. The city offers everything from classic ‘café crèmes’ in historic bistros to artisanal brews in trendy coffee shops. Paris invites you to enjoy a leisurely coffee experience, ideally paired with a freshly baked croissant, amidst the backdrop of its iconic architecture.

Portland, USA

Portland, oregon skyline at sunset.
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Portland’s coffee scene is known for its pioneering spirit and sustainability, with a strong emphasis on direct trade and organic coffee. The city’s love for innovation is evident in its diverse coffee offerings, from nitro cold brews to expertly crafted lattes, often enjoyed in eco-friendly, art-filled spaces that epitomize Portland’s unique culture.

Lucerne, Switzerland

Switzerland, switzerland, switzerland, switzerland, switzerland,.
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Lucerne offers a picturesque setting for coffee lovers, with its charming cafes overlooking stunning lake and mountain views. The Swiss are known for their precision, and this extends to their coffee, with a focus on high-quality, sustainably sourced beans. Enjoying a ‘Schümli Pflümli’—a plum-flavored coffee drink—is a must in this serene, scenic city.

London, UK

Big ben and clock tower in london, england.
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London’s dynamic coffee scene caters to all, from traditional tea drinkers to coffee aficionados. The city has embraced third-wave coffee, with a multitude of cafes serving flat whites and single-origin brews. London’s coffee culture is about diversity and innovation, inviting you to explore its historic streets with a quality cup in hand.

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