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Almond Persimmon Pancakes

These persimmon pancakes are made with the pulp of the sweet persimmon fruit and full of almond flavor. They’re a delicious winter breakfast! Note: This post for persimmon pancakes first appeared on November 13, 2011. The recipe has been edited slightly (made even better with an almond persimmon puree topping!) and the photographs updated. I’m on a …

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Cinnamon Nut Stuffed Persimmons

These stuffed persimmons are filled with chopped nuts, dates, chestnuts and lots of cinnamon; a healthy holiday treat at it’s best! When you’re 31 and 99.9% of your friends are married, pregnancy announcements (usually via facebook and some lovely picture of the inside of your friend’s uterus now front and center as their profile pic) …

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Persimmon Vanilla Bean Smoothie

A simple 5 ingredient persimmon vanilla bean smoothie. A delicious wintertime drink! Can I tell you something that annoys the hell out of me? (You actually have no choice in the matter here, sorry.) Excuse makers. Oh MY god, I cannot stand when people talk about “wanting” to do something and then rattle off every …

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