Are you accidentally annoying your barista? Many of us commit small blunders at the coffee shop without even realizing they’re faux pas. This guide will walk you through 12 unexpected ways you might be frustrating the person behind the counter, so you can enjoy smoother visits and better brews.

Barista preparing coffee at an espresso machine in a cafe, surrounded by coffee cups and equipment.
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Asking For Another Shot After You’ve Paid

A barista explaining coffee options to two female customers at a cafe counter.
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This last-minute request can disrupt the flow, especially during busy hours. It complicates the billing process and can delay subsequent orders, creating a domino effect of waiting customers. Figure out your caffeine needs before you order.

Using All the Change In Your Wallet To Pay

A blue plastic tip tray on a wooden table with a receipt, dollar bills, and coins, next to white dishes and a glass.
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While using up your spare change might clear out your pockets, it slows down transactions tremendously. Quick, efficient payments help keep the line moving and reduce everyone’s wait time. No one needs to wait while you count out $.67 in pennies.

Saying “Ex-presso”

A woman in sunglasses and an orange dress smiling while holding a coffee cup at a busy outdoor café.
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It might just slip out, but consistently mispronouncing “espresso” can be a pet peeve for coffee professionals. Taking a moment to pronounce it correctly shows respect for their craft and expertise. Say it with me: there’s no “x” in espresso.

Staring At The Barista While They Make Your Drink

A young woman in a brown jacket listens attentively to a barista pouring water into a coffee filter at a stylish café.
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While it might be fascinating to watch your drink being made, maintaining intense eye contact can make baristas feel scrutinized and uncomfortable. It’s best to give them some breathing room while they work. Imagine if someone stood at your desk watching intently as you types away. Weird.

Ordering Like You’re At Starbucks When You’re Not

Three cups of coffee with layers of cream displayed on a glass counter in a cafe, with blurred patrons in the background.
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Each coffee shop has its own menu and lingo. Using Starbucks-specific terms in a different café can lead to confusion and frustration for both you and the barista. When in Rome, do as the Romans do—adapt to the menu of the place you’re in.

Talking on the Phone While Ordering

A waiter serving a smiling woman seated at a cafe terrace, with tea and sandwiches on the table.
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This not only slows down the ordering process but also comes off as rude. It can lead to miscommunications about your order, frustrating both parties involved. Give your full attention to ensure accuracy and respect. Better yet, don’t get in line while you’re on the phone or simply put your phone on silent until you leave.

Not Knowing What You Want

A diverse group of people interacting at a coffee shop with one man preparing coffee at an espresso machine.
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Hesitating with your order can hold up the line and pressure the barista during peak hours. It’s always best to decide before you reach the counter or even get in line, keeping the flow smooth for everyone.

Throwing Liquid Filled Cups In The Trash

A person in a business outfit is disposing of a cup in a trash bin outdoors.
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This creates a messy situation that nobody wants to deal with. It’s unpleasant for the barista who has to change soggy, dripping bags of trash. Always empty your cup into a sink or designated bin first.

Being Cheap and Making Your Own Latte

A barista pours milk into a coffee cup, creating latte art.
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Ordering a simple espresso and using the free milk at the condiment station to create a latte is just cheap. It’s seen as taking advantage of the café’s resources—order the drink you really want instead. If you can spend $4 on espresso, you can spend $6 on a latte. If not, stay home.

Not Specifying Your Preferred Milk

A barista pours milk into a coffee cup from a jug to create latte art, positioned beside an espresso machine.
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Assuming the barista knows your milk preference can lead to incorrect orders. Always specify whether you prefer whole, skim, almond, or another type of milk to avoid confusion and wasted ingredients.

Grabbing The Wrong Drink From The Counter

A woman in sunglasses receives a cup of coffee from an outdoor vendor on a sunny day, with a man waiting behind her.
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This mix-up can disrupt service and annoy everyone involved. Pay attention when your name is called, and make sure you’re grabbing the right cup to keep everything running smoothly.

Disappearing After You Place Your Order

Barista in an apron handing over three takeaway coffee cups to a customer in a café.
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If you wander off to browse nearby shops or take a call, you risk delaying the service when your order is ready. Stay within earshot to collect your drink promptly, helping the barista maintain order efficiency.

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