The Best Tahini Substitutes

Ran out of tahini? Explore these substitutes to keep your recipes flavorful.

Tahini is a creamy paste made from ground sesame seeds.

It's a versatile ingredient known adding flavor and a luscious creamy texture to various recipes.

Here are six excellent tahini substitutes to consider:

DIY Tahini Make your own with toasted sesame seeds blended with oil for a fresh and customizable option.

Sunflower Seed Butter Offers a similar texture and can be enhanced with sesame oil for a closer flavor match.

Cashew and Almond Butters Bring a mild richness perfect for dips and dressings, though lacking tahini's slight bitterness.

Greek Yogurt Provides a thick and creamy texture suitable for zesty dips and creamy dressings.

Pumpkin Seed Butter Allergy-friendly, nutrient-packed, and ideal for pesto-like dishes due to its slight bitterness.

Sesame Oil Captures the signature sesame flavor, but lacks the creamy texture of tahini.