Green onions, also known as scallions, are used in many recipes with a variety of uses. 

Learn how to properly wash, trim and cut them for use in any dish with this easy guide.

Start by rinsing the onions and gently scrubbing any loose dirt off with your fingers.

Then peel off any outer wilted or yellowed layers of the onion.

Cut off the ends about 1/2" above the roots.

Then flip the onions around and do the same for the tops to cut off any wilted green tips.

With a sharp knife, slice the green onions using a smooth circular motion with the knife so the tip of the knife never leaves the cutting board.

Adjust the width of the chop from thick to thin based on what the recipe calls for or how you intend to use the onions.

Garnishes tend to be thinner slices while main ingredients are thicker.

Green onions can also be cut on the bias (angled) as shown here for a different visual aesthetic.

To do this, hold the knife at a 45° angle to the green onions and slice.

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