Beyond Basmati, Exploring Different Types of Rice

Did you know that there's more to rice than just white or brown?

Choosing the right rice can be challenging due to the various options available.

Factors like texture, flavor, and cooking method influence rice selection.

Learn more about the most popular types of rice.

Basmati Rice This long-grain variety is light with a nutty flavor and floral aroma, perfect for Indian dishes like biryani.

Jasmine Rice Fragrant long-grain rice, ideal for Thai and Southeast Asian cuisine.

Wild Rice Not actually rice but a grass and commonly used in salads and soups.

Arborio Rice Italian short-grain rice, famous for creamy risottos.

Black Rice Also known as forbidden rice, it has a striking black color and great for tofu bowls.

Glutinous Rice Soft and sticky rice, perfect for sushi or onigiri, requires steaming after soaking.

Brown Rice Whole grain rice with the outer hull intact and suitable for various dishes.