Unlock the aromatic flavor of fresh ginger in your cooking.

There are countless ways to cook with fresh ginger to enliven your cooking & baking.

Popular in Asian, African & Caribbean cuisines, it emboldens many different dishes.

There are a variety of ways to prep fresh ginger for use.

First, you must peel the ginger. This is best done with the tip of a spoon.

Once peeled, fresh ginger can be: -grated -chopped -slivered/sliced -minced -heated

Each preparation is beneficial for its own use. 

Ginger can be used in savory dishes in many ways: -marinades -stir-fries -seafood -curries -soups & stews -sauces

Fresh ginger is also great for sweet dishes.

Add it to fruit, baked goods & beverages for a more pronounced flavor than dried ground ginger.

Fresh ginger is a kitchen superstar with its spicy, warm & sweet flavors. Grab a bunch & let your creativity run wild!

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