Wondering what to do with those ramps spotted at the farmer's market? This ramp pesto is the answer.

Ramps are part of the onion family and one of the first spring vegetables to emerge after winter.

While related to onions, their taste is more garlicky.

They can be sautéed, grilled, pickled but most commonly - turned into delicious pesto.

Their pungent flavor is best tamed with other pesto herbs like basil & parsley along with lemon zest.

Ramp pesto can be tossed with any pasta for a quick & easy meal.

But it's also great as a dip or used to top beef, chicken, pork & fish. 

Adjust the thickness of the pesto depending on use by adding more or less olive oil. 

Water can also be used to thin it out when using as a sauce or vinaigrette.

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