Ready for the juiciest, tender & most delicious ground turkey? This guide walks you through cooking it...

Ground turkey is a great leaner swap for ground beef but knowing how to properly cook it is important for juicy meat.

This method works whether choosing white or dark ground turkey.

Add turkey to a hot skillet with a touch of oil or butter. Break up with a spatula into large pieces.

Let the turkey brown for 1-2 minutes then continue breaking up into smaller pieces until fully browned.

Once there is no pink color left to the meat, drain any excess water then return to the pan and season as desired.

Cook the turkey for another minute until edges start to turn golden brown. Remove from heat before the turkey dries out.

Don't be afraid to over-season the meat. Turkey is bland tasting by nature and needs generous seasoning.

If the meat starts to dry out, add some broth to the skillet to keep it moist while cooking to avoid overcooked, dry ground turkey.

If making turkey burgers, you can test the meat for doneness using an instant-read meat thermometer. Properly cooked turkey should read 165°F.

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