The Best Tips for Dairy-free Baking

Dairy plays a crucial role in baking.

It adds moisture and flavor to baked goods.

But for people with dairy sensitivities, it can be challenging to enjoy traditional baked treats.

Here are the best tips for successful dairy-free baking.

Research suitable dairy-free alternatives Explore options like almond milk and vegan butter to replace dairy products in recipes.

Stick to dairy-free baking recipes Start with recipes specifically designed to be dairy-free to avoid ingredient substitution errors.

Pay attention to labels for hidden dairy Read ingredient labels carefully to ensure dairy-free ingredients.

Find replacements that add moisture Use fruit purees or dairy-free yogurt to maintain moisture in baked goods.

Enhance the flavor with spices and extracts Use cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla extract to compensate for the lack of flavor from dairy.

Coconut milk for richness Utilize full-fat coconut milk to create creamy textures in desserts.