Learn tips & tricks for cutting onions like a pro!

Onions make you cry due to a chemical called syn-propanethial-S-oxide. 

But there are ways to avoid tearing up when cutting them!

The best tips to avoid tears include: -wear glasses -freeze the onion first -cut under cold water -place a wet paper towel near the onion

Select a sharp chef's knife 8-10" long.

Start by slicing off the stem end (the non-hairy end) as close to the top as possible.

Slice straight through the hairy root end to cut the onion in half with the root end still holding each half together. Peel off the skin & place the cut side down.

Use your knife to carefully cut three horizontal cuts through the onion from the stem end to the root, but be sure to leave the root end intact.

Next, make three slices from the root of your onion to the stem end across the top again being sure to not cut through the root end.

Finally, cut through the onion from the stem end to the root end, which creates the smaller chopped onion pieces.

For a finer mince, make the slices closer together or simply run your knife over the chopped onions a few times after cutting.

Sliced onions are even easier. Cut the onion in half like before then simply slice into half circles as thick or thin as desired.

For onion rings, leave the onion whole and slice to desired thickness.

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