Master how to cut bell peppers with this easy tutorial!

Cut bell peppers with ease & precision whether slicing, dicing, chopping or making rings.

Peppers are great for stir-fries, fajitas, chilis, soups, stews, crudité platters, sandwiches and lots more!

Learning how to cut them properly for their specific use is a great kitchen skill to have.

Having a SHARP chef's knife is the first step in cutting fresh produce, especially bell peppers.

Bell peppers are often coated in wax to keep them fresh & retain moisture while in the store.

This can make them slippery though when cutting and a disaster without a sharp knife.

Start by rinsing the peppers under cold water and lightly scrubbing the exterior with a scouring pad to remove some of the wax.

The first step is to cut off the stem end. Slice off about 1/2" from the stem end and set aside.

To cut rings, scoop out the seeds with a spoon then lay on its side and slice through the entire vegetable.

Pepper rings are great in sandwiches or on vegetable platters.

For slices, once de-seeded, cut the pepper in fourths. Press each piece flat on a cutting board then cut into slices.

Thicker slices are great for dishes like fajitas whereas thinner slices are good for salads.

To chop or dice, turn the slices at a 90° angle and cut in the opposite direction. 

Chopped peppers are great in soups and stews. Diced peppers are perfect for salsa.

Halved peppers are great for stuffing. They also make a great low-carb option for sandwich "bread".

Stuff a pepper half with tuna salad for a healthy lunch!

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