This creamy garlic scape pesto is a delicious seasonal sauce great on pasta!

Garlic scapes are the green stalk that grow above ground from a hard-neck garlic plant.

They need to be trimmed off the plant so the energy can go down into the bulb.

Their unruly, curly appearance is both fun & delicious with a lovely garlicky flavor.

You can find them in farmer's markets & select stores in late spring/early summer.

And they're perfect for making pesto!

Garlic scapes can be overwhelmingly garlicky. Making a creamy pesto with ricotta helps tame the intensity.

This pesto is great tossed with pasta but it also has many other uses.

Use it on meat & poultry, top a frittata, spread on a sandwich, make chicken salad with it or, use as a topping for white pizza.

Grab a bunch of garlic scapes if you see them and enjoy this fun seasonal produce!

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