Homemade V8 Juice

Making your own V8 juice at home is easy!

It's a delicious way to enjoy fresh vegetables while controlling the ingredients & salt.

Copycat V8 juice includes: -tomatoes -onion -cucumbers -garlic -carrot -beet

Along with: -Worcestershire -tabasco -honey -parsley for extra flavor.

The secret to a homemade V8 juice recipe is *cooking* the vegetables.

Unlike a smoothie, V8 juice should be cooked first, then blended.

The juice needs to be processed through a food mill or fine-mesh sieve for the right texture.

Before it's blended again then chilled.

Enjoy it cold with a squeeze of fresh lemon & a salted rim.

Homemade V8 juice is also great for making Bloody Marys, freezing for smoothies or adding to soups & stews.

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