Planning a spring picnic? Let’s make sure it’s one for the books. Forget about those soggy sandwiches and wilted salads, level up your picnic game with some simple, yet game-changing tips. From choosing the right gear to packing the perfect blend of snacks, these pointers will help ensure your outdoor feast is nothing short of spectacular.

Picnic Basket on a table
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Skip the Paper Plates for Enamel

Enamel Plates
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Enamel plates aren’t just sturdier than paper; they add a chic touch to your picnic setup. Plus, they’re reusable, making your outdoor feast both stylish and eco-friendly. Say goodbye to chasing flimsy plates on windy days and food stains seeping through to your clothes.

Bring Something Besides Food

Outdoor games on grass
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A frisbee, a deck of cards, or a Bluetooth speaker can turn a meal outdoors into an event. It’s not just about the food; creating a fun, relaxed atmosphere makes for a memorable picnic everyone will enjoy.

Have a Plan for Bugs

Citronella in different forms
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Nothing ruins a picnic faster than uninvited insect guests. Pack some citronella candles or natural bug spray to keep them at bay. Enjoying your meal without swatting away flies makes everything taste better.

Buying a Good Cooler is a Worthwhile Investment

Cooler with beers inside
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A quality cooler keeps your food and drinks perfectly chilled for hours. Consider it an essential tool in your picnic arsenal for perfect outdoor meals every time. Plus, you can use it all year-round for so many other things.

Bring More Napkins, Wet Naps & Garbage Bags Than You Think You’ll Need

People picking up garbage
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Spills and messes are part of the picnic charm, but being prepared makes clean-up a breeze. Extra napkins and wet naps keep hands and faces clean, while plenty of garbage bags mean you leave no trace behind.

Don’t Forget Things To Weigh Down the Blanket

Picnic basket for spring
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A breezy day can turn your picnic into a chase scene. Bring clips or small weights to keep your blanket and tablecloth in place. This simple trick ensures your setup stays picturesque and functional.

Avoid Messy Foods

Picnic Food on picnic cloth
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Stick to foods that are easy to eat and serve. Think sandwiches, wraps, or skewers. They’re not just convenient; they also mean less fuss and more time enjoying the scenery and company.

Salads Are Your Friend

A bowl of salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and olives.
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Salads are the perfect picnic food—refreshing, versatile, and simple to serve. Pack them in jars for an extra touch of convenience. Plus, they can be hearty enough to satisfy but light enough to keep you feeling spry for post-picnic activities.

Don’t Skip Dessert

Picnic Desserts
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No picnic (or meal) is complete without something sweet at the end. Portable options like cookies or fruit tarts are the perfect way to end the day and they don’t require extra utensils.

A Small Cutting Board & Knife Isn’t a Bad Idea

knife and fork on a cutting board
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For cheeses, fruits, or bread, a cutting board and a knife are invaluable. They allow for last-minute prep so everything is fresh. Plus, they make you look like a picnic pro.

Keep It Colorful

Picnic lunch
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Bright, vibrant foods do more than taste good—they look amazing, too. A colorful spread is inviting and adds to the joy of eating outdoors. It’s a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

If You’re Packing Wine, Remember a Corkscrew!

Man opening wine
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It’s all fun and games until someone forgets the corkscrew. Avoid the struggle and make sure to pack one. It’s a small item that makes a big difference, especially if wine is on the menu.

Pack Appropriately So Food Doesn’t Get Crushed

Loaded car for a trip
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How you pack your picnic basket or bag can make or break the meal. Place heavier items at the bottom and delicate ones on top and don’t forget to use leak-proof containers to transport everything so you’re not met with a mess from the start.

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