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Sweet Potato Bacon Biscuits

These paleo sweet potato bacon biscuits are filled with aromatic rosemary. Let’s see… In the past 8 days or so, I’ve eaten the following: greasy french fries multiple days in a row, paella, apple crisp, a few too many lemonade & rum drinks, deep fried fish croquettes, mashed potatoes, sugar coated doughnuts, homemade pizza, Rita’s …

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Rustic Rosemary Cheddar Bacon Biscuits

These cheddar bacon biscuits with rosemary are flaky, cheesy and buttery, everything a biscuit should be. The perfect dinner side. Rustic’s a fun word isn’t it? It’s basically used to describe something resulting from laziness except it somehow manages to put a positive spin on it. Too lazy to roll out your biscuit dough and …

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