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Apricot Brandy Pound Cake

This apricot brandy pound cake is so incredibly easy to put together, perfect for the holidays and absolutely delicious – a showstopper of flavors! *This post for Apricot Brandy Pound Cake was originally published December 22, 2011. It’s been updated with new photographs. Apricot brandy pound cake has been a staple on our holiday table …

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Spring Gyros with Apricot Salsa

These spring gyros are topped with a sweet and refreshing apricot salsa, quick yogurt sauce and fresh pea sprouts. They’re definitely not your average gyro! I hope you’re reading that title as “yee-ro” and not the butchered American pronunciation. Much like “motts-a-rella” instead of “mot-suh-rel-luh” grates at my nerves, gy-ro instead of yee-ro causes the …

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Apricot almond butter snack bites

These apricot almond butter snack bites are healthy, raw, no bake and high protein. Ok, so, apparently my mind only works in terms of flavors and taste when thinking up recipe combinations because clearly after seeing these pictures, it definitely does not think in terms of appearance or photography. So I’ll just say I’m sorry …

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Greek Meatballs with Mint and Dried Apricots

These Greek meatballs are made with lamb and filled with mint and dried apricots. So there’s this game on Sunday. This stupid, stupid game in which 95% of Americans will be gathered around their tvs watching, screaming, cheering and eating while a bunch of overpaid men run around tackling each other. I hate football in …

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