Summer time favorites

Somehow we’re already at Memorial Day weekend and since that’s the unofficial start of the summer, I thought I’d share some of my summer favorites with you guys. Make ’em this weekend, make ’em for the 4th of July, make ’em at any point in time this summer…just make them.

So here’s to tank tops, tan lines, flip flops and cold drinks!

Drinks: watermelon frosty | mango coconut margarita | cherry faux-ito | coconut lime ice smoothie

Salads: barley, kale & cherry salad | bulgar salad with orange dijon dressing |strawberry tabouleh | summer corn & tomato salad | watermelon bacon salad | wheatberry currant salad

Sandwiches: chickpea pesto sandwich | zucchini goat cheese panini

Entrees: cheesy zucchini quinoa | cherry gazpacho | simple summer lasagna | nectarine sage pizza

Desserts: roasted strawberry mint ice cream | cherry lemon granita | walnut crusted peach tart | strawberry basil milkshake


  1. Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

    Look at you and your video skill ;) Maybe I’ll just hire you to make mine. I’m kind of sad this weekend is the unofficial start to summer… it’s wet cold SPRING weather here. Ugh. I need to move. PS totally looked for cherries knowing full well it was too early and of course was disappointed to see grapes instead today.

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      ugh, this weather is GROSS! High of like 50 this weekend but then it’ll be 90 next week. Um, ok? ps-I’m obsessed with animoto so I’ll gladly do yours :)

  2. Katie

    What a good idea to do a summer inspired round-up. This is really getting me in the mood for some warm weather. It is cold and rainy here in Vermont, so this is just the bit of sunshine I needed today. PS, The mango creamsicle margarita has my name all over it.


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