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Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

What I thought was a little pull of a muscle Sunday night when I first did it got a lot worse overnight and I was in some serious back pain yesterday. I’m no stranger to this pain but it has been a long time since it’s been this bad. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, at 15 I herniated my L5 and S1 discs in my back from sneezing the morning of the PSAT test. Sitting in the chair to take that test for the next 4 hours was excruciating. Not many people thought it was possible for an active 15 year old to herniate a disc while sneezing though so after a week off, I went back to playing sports until I collapsed during basketball practice bending over to pick up a ball on the floor. An MRI later and I had confirmation on the discs being herniated. Since then, I’ve thrown my back out here and there but have usually been able to cope on my own using the exercises I learned in PT during recovery the first time. Sunday night while I struggled to get comfortable in an attempt to sleep, the questions started to run through my head. “Why, when I’m in the best shape I’ve been in 10 years does this happen to me now?” “I should’ve stretched more before attempting the deadlift.” “I hope I can run again in a few days.” And so on…

When I got to the chiropractor yesterday morning, (thankfully she was able to fit me in!) I was still annoyed by the fact that I was injured and must’ve said something to that effect because she then said something that stuck: “We don’t exercise and maintain healthy lifestyles to avoid getting hurt. Everyone will get hurt at some point or another but, the healthy person who is in shape & fit will recover faster.” And then she said, “Your pelvis is completely out of whack and your back is incredibly inflamed (great, right?) but you’re young, you’re fit and you’ll recover quickly.” That’s when I realized it could be a lot worse. Instead of blaming the deadlifts or questioning why I was getting hurt when I am in good shape, I realized I should be happy I am and that my recovery will be a lot easier because of it.

In retrospect, this injury is more likely due to the combination of trying to move a 300lb jet ski, carrying a table inside the house, jet skiing in rough waves, and not stretching properly before exercising rather than one deadlift gone wrong. Most injuries are the cumulative result of different stressors, not just one occurrence.

So, with a new mindset of being thankful this happened on the “rest” week of strength training and trying not to get upset that I can’t run this week, I went home and spent the remainder of the day working and icing.

back injury

Sitting is uncomfortable, standing is uncomfortable and most laying positions while comfortable, are not conducive to working so it was an interesting afternoon moving from chair to floor, back to chair again.

back injury

Now the question is, what do you do with your evening when you can’t exercise?

You bake of course!

coconut flour chocolate chip cookies

Remember when I found coconut flour but wasn’t quite sure what to do with it? Well, a quick search led me to Caroline’s recipe for coconut flour chocolate chip cookies and let’s just say they did not disappoint!

coconut flour chocolate chip cookies

coconut flour chocolate chip cookies

The coconut flavor comes through perfectly but you still get the chocolaty satisfaction of a chocolate chip cookie. And the best part? The ingredient list is short and sweet! These took all of 5 minutes to throw together before baking.

A few of these with some milk and the back pain wasn’t so bad anymore.

Off to ice, rest and repeat!

What is your coping mechanism when you’re sidelined by an injury?

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