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Pumpkin Rosemary Knots

These pumpkin rosemary knots are a delicious side dish doused with garlic flavor. Add them to your fall meal!

Let’s talk knots. Not the kind in your shoelaces but the oh-so-delicious kind you eat. I’ve mentioned before how I’m pretty sure the pizzeria lady down the street has a crush on Ulysses and any time he picks up the pizza he comes home with a handful of garlic knots, gratis. Well dear pizza lady, you’ve got nothing on these bad boys.

This recipe is actually from Ashley, but I changed a few things. Check out her post for the method (it’s super easy) and step by step instructions, but I added 1 tablespoon minced fresh rosemary, used half whole wheat pastry flour/AP flour and subbed maple syrup for agave.

Pumpkin Rosemary Knots

They came out so good! I loved the addition of rosemary to give them a bit more of a savory kick and the olive oil/garlic topping makes them better than any pizzeria joint’s you’ll taste. Just make sure you’re significant other is eating them with you. *garlic breath!!*

Pumpkin Rosemary Bread Knots

Pumpkin Rosemary Garlic Knots

I actually saved half the dough for pizza tonight and this made 11 knots. There are only 3 left today. Oops.

They go really well with a glass of red wine, on the couch, as you’re waiting for you husband to come home because at 7:15pm you call and his response is “oh wow, I didn’t even realize what time it is, I’m leaving now.” (<—really?!) Funny, that never happens to me at work.

Pumpkin Garlic Knots

Are you drooling?

Good. Mission accomplished then. Make them!


Monday 7th of November 2011

wow i love it!

Lindsay @ biking before bed

Monday 7th of November 2011

I follow you on twitter

Philadelphia half marathon training

Monday 7th of November 2011

[...] hopefully you all had a lovely weekend. Here’s what went on around here in case you missed it.Pumpkin rosemary knots and a Chickbands review & GIVEAWAY <—you can enter until 9pm tonight!Pear banana cinnamon smoothie wherein I talk about [...]


Sunday 6th of November 2011

I'd go for the Turquoise Swirl or the Brown and White Flowered headbands. Those are my kind of speed.

I'm still stunned that anyone found a solution to the constantly migrating headband. Bravo!


Sunday 6th of November 2011

I liked Chickbands on facebook!