Pumpkin Rosemary Knots

These pumpkin rosemary knots are a delicious side dish doused with garlic flavor. Add them to your fall meal!

Let’s talk knots. Not the kind in your shoelaces but the oh-so-delicious kind you eat. I’ve mentioned before how I’m pretty sure the pizzeria lady down the street has a crush on Ulysses and any time he picks up the pizza he comes home with a handful of garlic knots, gratis. Well dear pizza lady, you’ve got nothing on these bad boys.

This recipe is actually from Ashley, but I changed a few things. Check out her post for the method (it’s super easy) and step by step instructions, but I added 1 tablespoon minced fresh rosemary, used half whole wheat pastry flour/AP flour and subbed maple syrup for agave.

Pumpkin Rosemary Knots

They came out so good! I loved the addition of rosemary to give them a bit more of a savory kick and the olive oil/garlic topping makes them better than any pizzeria joint’s you’ll taste. Just make sure you’re significant other is eating them with you. *garlic breath!!*

Pumpkin Rosemary Bread Knots

Pumpkin Rosemary Garlic Knots

I actually saved half the dough for pizza tonight and this made 11 knots. There are only 3 left today. Oops.

They go really well with a glass of red wine, on the couch, as you’re waiting for you husband to come home because at 7:15pm you call and his response is “oh wow, I didn’t even realize what time it is, I’m leaving now.” (<—really?!) Funny, that never happens to me at work.

Pumpkin Garlic Knots

Are you drooling?

Good. Mission accomplished then. Make them!


  1. Melissa

    I’ve liked Chick Bands on FB. Thanks for sharing…if I don’t win I will order from them. Just as nice as the expensive ones!

  2. LaRae

    Im dying for some of these! This is like the fourth giveaway I’ve entered for them! Hahah! I already follow you on twitter :)

  3. LaRae

    I would absolutely adore the super skinny sparkly gold head band! It’s adorable! And gold is my favorite color. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  4. Amanda

    These headbands are adorable! I had sort of given up on them since I haven’t found any that actually stay in place, but these sound great.

    I love the thick Sara’s pink and white polka dot one!

  5. Grubarazzi (@Grubarazzi)

    Oh man, I’m always looking for headbands that stay put. Every morning during my run the last thing I want to do is fidget with my slipping head band. These are too cool. Following you on twitter now (I was already following you on facebook :)

    Those rosemary pumpkin knots are da bomb!

  6. Hayley @ Oat Couture

    I need a job where I love it so much I lose track of the time!! And those knots look amazing, I reeeeally want to make them but Luke hates garlic (I know!!) and I think the garlic is definitely a necessary ingredient! :/ Next time he takes a trip! :)

  7. Allie

    Just came across you through Jen’s photography competition, so hey friendly competitor! I made the non-pumpkin version of those garlic knots, and they were so much fun! And tasty. Would have been better with red wine though :D

    And I am absolutely in love with the lime green sparkly headband. I love glitter. I love green. I love things that stand out in my already obnoxious hair.

  8. Jen @ Light Enough to Travel

    I also went to their Etsy store and I like either the brown & white flowered one or the black & white flowered one. I’m predictable. LOL

    Voting is open, Gina, so feel free to send your readers on over!

  9. Marisa

    I checked out their Etsy site… One of my favorites is the “Chrissy the trainer THICK headband 1.5” one. Its so cute… they all are.

  10. Amy

    I’d go for the Turquoise Swirl or the Brown and White Flowered headbands. Those are my kind of speed.

    I’m still stunned that anyone found a solution to the constantly migrating headband. Bravo!

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