Saturday marked the 1 year anniversary of the start of the website our coach began before there even was a “real” box and workouts were done in a garage (or so I’m assuming based on what I’ve piecemealed together). A year ago on Saturday they did “Fight Gone Bad” as the wod so it only seemed fitting that one year later, in a real box, with over 20 of us there at 10am on Saturday, we’d do it again.

Crossfit Obsessed

One of the guys at the box does photography as a side job and captured these pictures of the event. And I say event not wod, because when I got in my car to leave, the clock said 12:58pm. I was there for 3 hours (we did it in groups of 3) and it didn’t even feel like more than 45 minutes.

Fight Gone Bad - CrossfitFight Gone Bad - CrossfitFight Gone Bad - CrossfitFight Gone Bad - CrossfitFight Gone Bad - CrossfitFight Gone Bad - CrossfitFight Gone Bad - Crossfit

I’ve become completely obsessed with crossfit in this past month. From the challenging workouts, to the amazingly nice and supportive people, to the awesome coaches, to the constant drive to push myself harder every day. I’ve never looked forward to working out more in my life even though I usually feel like death when I walk out that door.


  1. janetha

    So glad you have found something you love so much and are over the moon passionate about! That is how I feel about my gym and I have never been in better shape!

  2. Kari @ Running Ricig

    It’s awesome that you’ve found a workout you love so much. I used to feel like that about doing body pump, but then decided I was too poor to keep paying for the gym.

  3. Miriam @ Bellaspire

    Isn’t it so wonderful to be involved in a fitness community? Especially one that is supportive and crazy hard all at the same time. I’ve never done Crossfit but the more and more I hear, the more I want to try!

    1. Running to the Kitchen Post author

      I love them! Some new guy at the box came up to me on Saturday and said “fresh dogs, yo”…it took me about 30 seconds to process he was talking about my shoes.

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  5. Aparna B.

    Dag yo! Youz a machine!! I’ve heard Crossfit is such a challenge, but a fun one! I don’t think I’d be up for that (o_O). I’m still trying to complete 3 miles (-_-;

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