If your dog despises the toothbrush like most do, your life is about to get a lot easier. Keeping your pup’s teeth clean can be as simple as giving them one of these 10 foods. These foods act as a natural option for tooth cleaning and most will be something your dog will be eager to chomp away at. Ditch the daily brushing fight and make both of your lives easier with this list!

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Raw Meaty Bones

Raw beef bones and joints on a wooden table.
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Raw bones contain great nutrients for your pup, specifically calcium, which is essential for strong and healthy teeth and bones. But this isn’t the only benefit. While your dog is chewing on the tough bones, the bone acts like a toothbrush, scraping their teeth and gums to remove plaque and keep their teeth clean. Always make sure the bones are raw. Beef bones are best due to their size. Cooked bones should never be given to dogs as they have the propensity to splinter off and can be a choking hazard.

Carrot Sticks

Bowl of sliced carrots on a wooden table.
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A great way to keep your pup’s chompers sparkling clean is to give them carrot sticks. Carrots are a crunchy treat and act like a natural toothbrush, as they help scrape plaque away when chewed on. They help refresh the breath and provide an extra dose of vitamins. Best of all, they’re pretty inexpensive and quite easy to find in most grocery stores!

Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil has surged in popularity as a dental health booster, known for its natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits. This makes it a solid choice for tackling your dog’s dental issues. Beyond healing, incorporating coconut oil into your dog’s diet or on their chew toys can help cut down on plaque buildup, lowering the risk of future oral health issues. It’s an easy add-on to your pet’s meals or favorite treats if they enjoy the flavor.


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Yogurt isn’t just a tasty treat; it’s a dental health game-changer for your dog, thanks to its natural composition, including milk proteins. It’s packed with calcium and probiotics, which not only prevent the onset of harmful bacteria but also reinforce your dog’s teeth and gums against tartar. Additionally, these probiotics boost your furry friend’s digestive health, enhancing nutrient absorption crucial for maintaining those smiles. For a fresher breath and healthier mouth, a little plain, non-fat yogurt mixed into your dog’s meals or as an occasional snack can do wonders.

Apple Slices

Freshly sliced red apple on a wooden cutting board.
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Not all dogs are fans of fruit, but if yours is, you’ve hit the jackpot for their dental health. Fruits like apples come packed with natural elements that tackle tartar and keep harmful bacteria in check, minimizing the chances of gum problems. They’re also great for stimulating saliva, which naturally cleans teeth more effectively than brushing alone. Plus, munching on fruits encourages your dog to chew, aiding in the removal of plaque. Try incorporating apple slices, bananas, or pears into your dog’s diet for a tasty and healthy treat.


Celery on a cutting board with a knife.
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Celery’s not just a crunchy treat; it’s a dental health secret weapon for your dog! This veggie acts like nature’s toothbrush, scrubbing away plaque with every bite and massaging those gums to keep them healthy. Plus, celery’s high water content helps wash away food particles and bacteria, freshening up your pup’s breath as they munch. Toss a few fresh sticks into their meal or hand them out as hydrating, tooth-cleaning snacks.


Fresh dill on a wooden cutting board.
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Dill isn’t just for pickles anymore; it’s stepping into the spotlight as a dental health hero for dogs! This humble herb packs a punch against plaque-induced inflammation, fortifying teeth and gums against bacterial onslaughts. Beyond keeping cavities at bay, dill’s active compounds are believed to even repair damage from past dental battles. Introduce a bit of mashed dill into your dog’s daily diet and watch for a wag of approval.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

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Omega-3 fatty acids have the power to ward off tooth decay, gum disease, and those dreaded cavities for your pup. Their anti-inflammatory prowess goes further, combating gum swelling, which is often the red flag for periodontal troubles. Level up your dog’s dinner game by scouting for dog food enriched with Omega-3s or jazz up their meals by adding salmon, sardines or tuna to their meals. Fish oil supplements are also an easy choice that many pet food stores carry.


Fresh wakame seaweed on a bamboo mat.
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Kelp is a superfood for your dog’s dental health, packed with essential nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium to strengthen teeth and bones. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help reduce mouth inflammation, while antioxidants in kelp protect against cell damage and periodontal disease. If dried kelp isn’t your dog’s thing, try mixing a kelp supplement powder into their meals for an easy health boost.


Fresh fennel bulb with green stalks on a wooden surface.
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Fennel offers solid benefits for your dog’s dental health, providing nutrients that help keep teeth and gums strong. Its anti-inflammatory qualities can ease gum swelling, helping to prevent dental problems and it’s a great option for fresher breath.

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Person feeding a dog on the beach.
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