Dollar stores can be a treasure trove for savvy shoppers looking to cut down on grocery bills. From breakfast staples to snack-time favorites, they offer an array of eats that will save you some cash. While inflation’s impact means not many items are actually just one dollar anymore, you can still score some great foods for significantly less money than shopping at the normal grocery store. Here are the top picks that make the extra shopping trip worthwhile.

Hand holding cash with an empty shopping cart in a supermarket aisle.
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Boxes of quaker instant oatmeal on supermarket shelves.
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Oatmeal is a budget-friendly breakfast option at the dollar store, offering a hearty start to the day without denting your wallet. You can often find boxes of instant oatmeal packets for under $2. Even if you eat two for breakfast, that’s a steal. If you’re not into instant oatmeal, canisters of rolled oats are also inexpensive at almost every dollar store.

Baking Mixes

Boxes of great value buttermilk pancake and waffle mix on a store shelf.
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Baking mixes from the dollar store are a sweet deal for anyone who loves to bake without the fuss or the high cost from the regular grocery store. They’re great for last-minute school treats or all those quick hack recipes you see online for cookies and bars. Don’t expect to find many of the specialty brand options but the tried and true staples are always in stock at the dollar store.


Bottles of heinz tomato ketchup and kraft mayo on a grocery store shelf.
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Stocking up on condiments at the dollar store is a smart move. Even if it’s just the basics like mayo, ketchup and mustard, it’s a much more cost-effective option than buying at the grocery store.

Specialty Drinks

Cans of koe kombucha in watermelon and strawberry lemonade flavors on a shelf.
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Specialty drinks at the dollar store are an inexpensive luxury, making it easy to treat yourself without splurging. If you’ve ever balked at the price of a juice, kombucha or sparkling water at Whole Foods, consider looking in the dollar store! They may not have the same variety but you’ll be surprised what’s in stock.


Aisle with assorted brands of snack chips and popcorn on display at a grocery store.
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Brand name chips are becoming more and more popular at dollar store locations and offer a much cheaper option than convenience stores and the supermarket. If you’re someone who can’t resist a good salty snack, don’t miss out on this steal, especially for the snack-size bags.

Frozen Foods

A grocery store with a lot of food in it.
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The first time I ever walked into a dollar store, I was shocked at the amount of frozen foods the entire back wall of the store housed. When most items are $.99, you can’t go wrong with picking up a few bags of fruits and veggies for easy meals.


Shelves stocked with various brands and types of sliced bread in a grocery store.
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Bread is an essential item that’s surprisingly affordable at the dollar store. Fresh and ready to complement any meal, it’s a simple way to save on daily necessities. We’ve even seen some specialty low-carb and keto breads sneaking into stores lately.

Coconut Milk

Cans of coconut milk neatly arranged on a supermarket shelf.
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Canned coconut milk adds a touch of exotic flair to dishes and is a steal at the dollar store compared to other places. When the grocery store will often set you back $3 or more for this creamy decadence, the dollar store pulls through with a much better deal.


Shelves stocked with assorted mccormick spice jars at a grocery store.
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Spices can be pricey, but not at the dollar store! If you need the basics, start here. Things like cinnamon, vanilla, garlic powder, onion powder, etc. can all be expected to be found at your local store. Once you’ve got the basics covered cheaply, fill in the rest from the grocery store and save some serious pennies.


Shelves stocked with assorted varieties of quaker granola cereal in a grocery store aisle.
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Granola is delicious but sometimes it’s just downright outrageously priced. If you’re looking for organic or gluten-free, it’s even more obscene. The dollar store can be a great place to find good deals on granola that’s comparable to something you’d find at Walmart or Target.


Assorted coffee brands and varieties on a supermarket shelf.
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Take this one with a grain of salt. If you’re a coffee snob, you’re not going to find your ideal cup from brewing anything dollar stores sell. But, if you’re someone who loves some Cafe Bustelo or something similar, you may be in luck and find a few extra bucks in your pockets because of it!


A variety of canned food products neatly organized on supermarket shelves.
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Pantry staples like beans, whether dried or canned are the epitome of what to look for at dollar stores for big discounts. High in protein and fiber, they’re perfect for bulking up meals affordably.


Boxes of celestial seasonings tea on a grocery store shelf.
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It’s doubtful this is the best quality tea on the market, but in a pinch, dried tea from the dollar store is a great deal. You can usually find chamomile and sometimes even green tea in select stores.

Snack Sized Nuts & Pretzels

A hand holding a bag of corn nuts original flavor in a grocery store aisle.
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Snack-sized nuts and pretzels from the dollar store are perfect for on-the-go munching without the high price. These convenience items are usually marked up far beyond the bigger bags. If your kids love personalized snacks, the dollar store is the way to go.

Plant-Based Milks

Variety of plant-based milk alternatives on a supermarket shelf, including almond, coconut, and soy milk brands.
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

With plant-based milks having become quite popular lately, you’ve probably noticed their insane price tag. The dollar store makes this dairy-free option affordable again often coming in at least $1 less costly than regular stores.

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