A few months ago after a long car ride and listening to a podcast with Dr. Shawn Baker, a well known carnivore diet advocate, my husband and I decided to try it out for a month. He deals with arthritis and I’ve been on a journey to overcome chronic Lyme disease for almost two years now. We both have our issues.

I’d heard of and knew many people who follow this diet approach. Unlike veganism, where I know plenty who eventually decide to hop off that train, I hadn’t yet met one person who wasn’t still singing the praises of eating meat for every meal. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I figured a month wouldn’t kill me either way. Here’s what happened.

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The carnivore diet simplifies eating like nothing else. No more calorie counting, tracking macros in an app or complex recipes. Just meat, and lots of it. While some people may think it’s a boring approach to eating, others might love the straightforward approach – it makes meal planning a breeze and shopping trips quick.

Mental Clarity

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So many of us claim to deal with brain fog these days. It’s that feeling like you’re walking through fog and it’s been said that our diets are closely tied to it. Switching to a carnivore diet cleared that right up for me. It’s like my brain got a supercharge from all the high-quality fats and proteins. No more afternoon slumps, just clear, sharp thinking all day.

Improved Energy

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After cutting out carbs and focusing on meat, energy levels soared. I never experienced slumps in the afternoon or days where I didn’t want to do anything but veg on the couch.

Better Sleep

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You might not realize how much the food you eat affects how you sleep, but it does. On the carnivore diet, sleep was deeper and more restful. I don’t wear any sleep tracking devices but I woke up every morning feeling well rested and my energy levels throughout the day backed this up.

Better Glucose Control

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Many people turn to the carnivore diet to address diabetes or pre-diabetes. While I didn’t go into this with any blood sugar issues, I did on occasion check my blood sugar before and after meals using a glucometer I’ve had on hand and used sporadically for years. It was much steadier after meals and my fasting sugars upon waking were also lower than my previous average. This stabilization, makes you feel more in control of your hunger and energy.

Weight Loss

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Weight loss is another popular reason people go carnivore and once again, it wasn’t my main goal but it was a welcome side effect. Because you’re forced to eat so much protein which is incredibly satiating, you stay full for longer and just don’t need snacks during the day.

Reduced Inflammation

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So many people battle joint pain and arthritic conditions these days. I’ve dealt with chronic low back pain for more than half my life that was significantly reduced during my month with carnivore. Some say it’s due to omitting plants and the inflammatory chemicals that they carry but the jury is out on this science. I truly don’t know what to believe but I know I felt better and that’s all that mattered to me.

Can Help Cure SIBO

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I thankfully do not deal with SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) but those who do suffer a myriad of symptoms that can feel like a never ending battle. Many have said carnivore acts as a reset to your gut health and will help to reduce symptoms of this bacterial overgrowth and potentially cure it for the future. Again, while the science is still being studied, it’s hard to know where the facts lie but I’m of one opinion – it’s better for you than a gimmicky “juice cleanse” filled with sugar.

Improves Skin

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Another unexpected side effect of only eating animal products for 30 days was my skin health. Who knew that meat could make your skin glow? My complexion cleared up and even the normal hormonal breakouts I typically have were significantly lessened.

Better Libido

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Carnivore is, by default, loaded with vitamins B, D, and zinc, all of which are known to increase testosterone. It also, by default, removes estrogenics, which are compounds that bind to your estrogen receptors and emit weaker signals. Both of these can and do impact many people’s libidos while on a diet.

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