What you put on your plate plays a huge part in how your brain functions. We’re breaking down six foods that can boost your brain power and six notorious culprits that could be fogging up your mental clarity. Find out how to feed your brain the good stuff and what to kick to the curb!

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The Good Stuff

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Here are six brain-boosting superfoods that are not only nutritious but can help keep your mind sharp and efficient. Try to incorporate these daily, or at least multiple times per week for the best impact on your cognition.


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Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is a top choice for enhancing memory and improving overall brain function.

Leafy Greens

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Kale, spinach, and other leafy veggies are jam-packed with vitamins such as vitamin K, linked to cognitive preservation and mental sharpness.

Nuts & Seeds

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A snack powerhouse, flaxseeds and chia seeds offer antioxidants and amino acids that support neural health and cognitive function.

Whole Grains

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Foods like oats and quinoa support cardiovascular health, which is crucial for optimal brain function and nutrient delivery.

Dark Chocolate

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Not only is it delicious, but dark chocolate also boasts flavonoids and a bit of caffeine to boost brain function and elevate mood—just remember, moderation is key!


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This bright yellow spice is not just for flavor—curcumin, its active ingredient, offers potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits that protect and nourish the brain.

The Bad Stuff

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Unfortunately, not every food is great for our brain and of course, some of the most tasty ones are the biggest culprits. Here are six common food choices that you’d be wise to stay away from regularly if brain health is important to you.

Fried Foods

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These are tough on the brain due to their unhealthy fats, which can lead to vascular problems affecting overall circulation and brain health.

Pastries & Sweets

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Laden with sugar and often unhealthy fats, these foods can cloud your cognitive function and disrupt important insulin regulation needed for a sharp mind.


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While a glass here and there is fine, excessive drinking can shrink the brain and impair its function over time. Choose your drinks wisely!

Processed Meats

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Foods like bacon and sausages are high in nitrates and preservatives, which have been linked to increased risks of cognitive decline due to harmful protein buildups.

White Bread

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Made from refined flours, white bread can cause a rapid spike in blood sugar and inflammation, both of which may adversely affect brain cells.


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Often high in trans fats, margarine can contribute to cardiovascular issues, impacting blood flow to the brain and affecting its health.

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