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A Dog’s Best Day

Any time I tell someone we have a weimaraner, if they know the breed their first response is always “oh, they have A LOT of energy, don’t they?!”

My answer is always so varying because while yes, they do, they’re also quite content being couch (well not literally – no dogs on the furniture in this house!) potatoes for the day.

That said, after about a week of being cooped up inside due to rain and our crazy schedules, Ginger was more than willing to run to the door when the infamous words “do you want to go for a ride?” came out of my mouth the other day.

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Hiking with weimaraner

If Ginger could talk I’m pretty sure she’d answer the “what’s your favorite activity” question with riding in pick-up trucks (she’s very partial to the pick-up and hates being stuck in the far back of my SUV) and going hiking.

Sometimes Ulysses will just take her for a ride to run errands. She’ll never actually get out of the truck but I swear, you’d think she just got fed a 20 ounce raw steak with the happiness in her eyes.

With a 50 something degree day on our hands in December, a hike was in order.

Weimaraner hiking in Dutchess County, NY
A day of hiking with weimaraner

Ginger ends up getting at least twice (probably more like quadruple) the amount of distance in as we do on any off leash hike because her separation anxiety necessitates that any time she gets more than about 50 feet ahead of us, she turn back around, run into our legs just to make sure we didn’t leave her and then sprint off again ahead. It’s comical in the beginning and irritating as heck by the 10th time your knees have been knocked into by a 60 pound dog.

Hiking trails in NY with weimaraner

The day consisted of about 4 miles for the humans, probably about 10 minimum for the pup, lots of squirrel chasing, leaf sniffing and a few glamour shots as I played around with the new portrait/depth effect camera setting on the iPhone 7 (pretty amazing stuff!).

Once the panting subsided on the ride home, she passed out until she needed to mope on into the house and only perked up hours later at the sound of her new favorite Organix salmon and peas recipe being poured into her metal dish.

Organix grain free salmon and peas dog food for weimaraner
exhausted weimaraner after a day of hiking

We started the wood burning stove that night for the season and I’m pretty sure that was just the icing on the cake for Ginger who will now spend 95% of the upcoming winter days passed out in front of that nice hot black box which happens to be right next to her fluffy bed.


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Sarah | Well and Full

Monday 12th of December 2016

Is it weird that I got SO EXCITED that this was a 100% dog post!? Ginger is absolutely adorable; I wish she could be friends with my pup! I have a rescue dog that I adopted in 2013, and she's the sunshine of my life. I bet our girls would get along amazingly :) :) Give Ginger a big hug from me!! <3


Sunday 11th of December 2016

What a beauty she is!

our dogs get plenty of activity in our backyard, but still the "wanna go for a walk?" gets them all sooooo excited... we have three, so getting them all leashed up with all that extra adrenalina flowing through is not an easy task.

cannot conceive of my life without dogs... they cause a ton of trouble, but I would not trade that for anything!

Running to the Kitchen

Sunday 11th of December 2016

Completely agree, they're worth it! :)