4th of July food!

A round-up of 4th of July food & drink recipes.

What are you guys doing for the 4th? Tell me, tell me. I’m going to live vicariously through you and your fireworks, while I mope around the house with a husband who has to work the night shift (aka: the whole day is shot).  Maybe I’ll just pretend to be Canadian for the day so it’s not as pathetic to have no plans.

Let’s talk food! Because what is the 4th if not a great excuse to eat & drink all day?

Chips & salsa? Boring and overrated. Get crazy and make plantain chips or try the other two with pita chips.

4th of July recipes

plantain chips with tropical salsa // roasted eggplant dip // roasted pepper & feta dip

Throw all these on a bun, a wrap or eat ‘em straight up. They’re make ahead & easy and sure as heck beat out an overcooked BBQ burger.

4th of July recipes

spicy beef carnitas // mexican pulled pork sliders // 4-ingredient slow cooker pulled chicken

Need some sides? Of course you do. Leave the lame potato & macaroni salads at home this time.

4th of July recipes

summer corn & tomato salad // sweet peach, corn & chicken salad // watermelon & bacon salad

Cocktail time! Ok, none of these have alcohol in them actually. But, they all totally could. Vodka? Rum? Take your pick.

4th of July recipes

strawberry basil lemonade // watermelon frosty // pineapple kiwi mint smoothie

Finish the day/night off with one of these cool sweet treats.

4th of July recipes

roasted cherry choc. chip fro-yo // strawberry basil milkshake // roasted strawberry mint ice cream

Happy eating, drinking & fireworking!


  1. Aparna B.

    I think that roasted red pepper and feta dip might be the winner for me. Or the corn and tomato salad. I love things that sound refreshing and they do! No big plans for us (I don’t think). we just got back from Cali so I welcome a shortened work week and hope to get some sleep. Boring, but whatever. I’ll light a sparkler to get into the spirit or whatever.

  2. Julie @ Table for Two

    We aren’t seeing fireworks either. Going into DC the past 3 years have just been hell so we’ll just watch the fireworks from our living room :) what a great round-up..wish we could drink together tonight haha ;)


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