Thursday things

Thursday things

Today, I’m being lazy. That wild rice risotto up there (don’t mind that cursor hanging out like it owns the place) has been cooked, eaten and leftovers are packed up in my fridge, I’m just too damn tired to even think about editing those pictures right now. It might have something to do with crossfit class #2 and 84 push presses with a 33 lb. bar. Maybe.

So let’s talk instead. It might get random. Fair warning.

1. Speaking of those 84 push presses, I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to raise my arms more than 2 inches for the next 3 days. The WOD was box jumps & push presses. Box jumps? Not a problem. I’d barely even call them challenging (I guess I need a higher box next time). Push presses? Kill me now. I tested the 22lb and 33lb bars before we got started. That’s the one thing about starting out, I have no idea where my current lifting capacity falls on some of these moves. 22lbs felt like child’s play for the quick few reps I did, so I went with the 33lb one after some “oh, you got that, you can totally do it” words of support from the coach. Ha. Let’s just say that after the first set of 21 reps, I knew that was the wrong choice. But I did it. It took a few breaks of throwing the weight down in disgust, a few choice 4 letter words (love how that’s acceptable at crossfit, can you imagine busting out a nice loud mother-f&^$^* in a regular gym?) and 12 minutes, 45 seconds but I didn’t give up. I’ll try to remember that when my hair is greased to my head for the next 3 days since I won’t be able to lift my arms.

2. Doing the laundry is dictated by one of two things in this house. Running out of underwear or running out of workout socks. I throw the laundry in no problem. I actually get a really weird sense of satisfaction from putting laundry into the machine. But then the decline starts. Transferring to the dryer can take up to 24 hours to work up the motivation. Yes, it’s gross, I know. But I have so many clothes that can’t go into the dryer and need to be hung up that I seriously have to give myself a pep talk to do it. And let’s not talk about stupid sports bras with pad thingys that like to fall out in the wash and then have to be shoved back in through a one inch hole on the side. Ugh. Once the dryer is done though, bringing it all upstairs to our bedroom is an easy one. But then it sits in the hamper, clean for 3-7 days while I pick through it for things (underwear & socks) on an as needed basis. In the meantime, the dirty clothes pile up on my closet floor and by the time things get folded (and now they’re totally wrinkled too from sitting for days on end all scrunched up) and put away, it’s time to do laundry again. I realized the ridiculousness of this whole cycle last night when I finally got around to putting clothes away and ended up putting 2 pairs of underwear back in the drawer because it had been sitting there for that long. Help.

3. Trader Joe’s frozen chana masala. Love it. Highly adaptable, quick, easy dinner. Smells up the whole freakin’ house like we’re bathing in curry. How can something that tastes so good, smell so bad afterwards?

4. I had to write my age, on paper, for the first time since turning 30 this week. Wine was consumed that night.

5. I couldn’t take the dirt mobile anymore so I took a clorox wipe to the shifter and the steering wheel. This was the result.

Thursday things

How disgusting is that? The wipe, not the garbage.

5. Just looking ahead at my life according to my 3 Outlook calendars I have set up for work, personal and blog stuff over the next 2 months makes me want to go hide under some rock until October. If I go missing, that’s where I’ll be.

6. Did you see this?

Thursday things

My kid’s cute. And those chips are seriously delicious.



  1. 1


    I’m terrified to write my age on paper, I turn the big 4-0 in a couple of weeks. I’m so sad! I’ll miss my 30’s.

    It’s amazing how those wipes pick up everything, makes your realize how dirty everything really is! Yuck!

    Your Pup is adorable!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2


    Apart from the fact that we don’t have a dryer, our laundry routines sound remarkably similar. It’s the whole putting away bit that I struggle with, it just is so unsatisfying.

  3. 3


    Your kid is freaking cute.

    Our washing machine has a lazy man’s button. Basically, if you press it, it’ll keep the drum rotating until you decide to take the clothes out, so nothing gets musty even if it’s over 24 hours.

    • 4

      Running to the Kitchen says

      If I had that button, my electric bill would probably sky rocket. It would be worth it though.

  4. 7


    I don’t blame you – sometimes just the thought of editing photos is sickening to me. Ginger is adorable. Good luck tackling everything!

  5. 8


    god I love your blog haha. It’s true you can literally throw a barbell across the room, almost hit someone, swear loudly, and no one blinks and eye. And if you think you’re bad with laundry… when I was living up at school our laundry was two floors down in a nasty, pitch dark basement. Talk about a pep talk to get it done… a 2 month pep talk that is.

  6. 9


    Yep that sounds exactly like me, Luke is a little anal though and he hates the way I hang washing out and fold to put away, which is of course PERFECT because it means I never have to do it! Whoop! :) Shame he’s headed back to Cyprus now… means that if I go missing then I’m probably buried under piles and piles of washing! :/

  7. 10


    I laughed out loud at your laundry woes. That is my EXACT routine. I was thinking about it this morning as I pulled my wrinkled workout shirt out of my laundry basket. I was wondering if I could make it through the whole basket by just wearing things and avoiding the folding all together. I just threw some towels in the washer and felt pretty good, now let’s see how long they sit there…

  8. 11


    Your laundry situation is so similar to mine! Unless someone runs out of underwear or socks, it’s not happening. I was spoiled with an in-unit, fancy washer and dryer at my last apartment, and now I have to trek down to the basement with a roll of quarters and cross my fingers that it’s actually available to use. But it could be worse – I’ve had no laundry in my building in the past and had to rely on super expensive laundromats before. Never. again. No laundry = deal breaker.

    I love that photo of Ginger!

    • 13

      Running to the Kitchen says

      I have at least 3 more of those in the fridge still and get more every week from the CSA, don’t worry ;)

  9. 14


    I missed your birthday, I’m so sorry! I hope it was fabulous!! And laundry – I feel your pain. My husband does it very often, I am spoiled, but then when he is busy or working extra and I have to do it I turn into a whiny 8 year old. I don’t mind putting it in the washer, it’s each step afterward that I don’t like so much.

    • 15

      Running to the Kitchen says

      Haha, no worries. It was back in April, I just haven’t had to actually write it down since. Eeek!

  10. 16


    #1- I don’t even know what those things are. Any of them. I used to work out daily – who am I?
    #2- OMFG that is my life. In fact, I actually have a pile that’s been sitting in a basket by my closet for ooo….over a week now. I just pull things from the basket. Then when it’s empty, VOILA! Time to do laundry. LOL
    #4- ugh. I’m dreading that one.
    #5- ew ew ew ew ew ew ew Gina. Ew. You know what it reminds me of? Cheryl’s steering wheel when she spilled wtf it was all over it and then left it there for months and people had to drive her car and their hands would get all sticky.
    second #5 (yup you have two lol)- 3 calendars? I keep one. And mark things private. I’d kill myself with 3.
    #6- you’re such a show off mom. JJJUSST KIddding (obv since my blog is just P…in her cuteness)

  11. 18


    Gina, I feel the same with laundry. I was digging for underwear in the hamper for clean clothes not put away and been doing that for two weeks. The dryer was full of clean clothes and the two other hampers were full of dirty clothes. I finally put my feet down and told my boyfriend we are not having dinner until this is put away. We made it happen but after those two wrinkled loads were put away, there’s more again now. I put one load away while watching Netflix last night. Also, you are so awesome for doing that Crossfit thing. I used to do Body Pump all the time but hurt my back and now I can’t imagine lasting a class.

  12. 19


    Hahahaha the image of greased back hair as a result of not being able to lift your arms is hilarious. I did a ton of lunge jumps the other day on my own and regretted my timing – I have to walk up and down stairs at my job and I could hardly move. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t just sit on the couch. Your pup is so precious!!

  13. 20

    Haley Peterson says

    I was reading this post during class and I was trying not I bust up laughing. The laundry thing–totally the same. Hilarious!

    • 24

      Running to the Kitchen says

      You know, I was writing this post and then went to title it and kept thinking “man, that title sounds familiar, have I used it before?” Duh…it’s yours! haha Realized once I read your post this morning. It was like a light bulb moment.

  14. 25


    I think you have hit the nail on the head with the laundry. I remember one day posting on FB or maybe the blog…can’t remember…that I got all the laundry washed, dried and folded before going to bed one night. I remember what an accomplishment that was b/c it SERIOUSLY never happens. Paul is even worse than me. About a month ago, I went to throw a load in and found a load in the washer that had finished about a WEEK before. UGH, the stench. Had to wash it again (twice I think) to get the smell out…the washer has never really been the same since. UGH. LAUNDRY!!! *shaking fist* why do you have to be so difficult?!?!

    And your kid is totalllly cute.

    Oh and that cursor hangin out made me smile.

  15. 29

    Barbara says

    watch the back with the weights if you have a bad back for the Italy trip I’ll be off the chart mad!

  16. 30


    OH MY GOODNESS I feel your laundry pain! By the time I’m done hanging stuff up, my what was at first a load so big I wasn’t sure it would fit in the washer is now a measly pile of socks and underwear. What prevents me from leaving my laundry sitting in the washing machine for too long is knowing how unhappy my roomates would be with me!

  17. 31


    Crossfit- I’m impressed! Only the toughest people I know do that :) I’m doing a bootcamp and for the first 3 weeks, I could bend over to get something in the fridge. I had to sit down on the floor and then get back up because doing any version of a squat was just too much…lol

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