Top 10 Recipes of 2012

The top 10 recipes of 2012 on Running to the Kitchen. Reader favorites, personal favorites and lots of healthy recipe ideas.

So it’s the last day of the year. On Wednesday, I told you I most likely wasn’t going to be back until 2013 since I had time off from work, an awesome ski trip planned and wanted to enjoy the last few days with my husband home. Well, guess what? 2012 wanted to make sure it went out with a bang for me which included simultaneously contracting the flu and throwing my back out on Wednesday afternoon. Good times. The combination of not being able to stand up straight and feeling like a truck ran over every inch of my body wasn’t really conducive to a 5 hour car ride and skiing for the weekend. So now I’m home alone on New Year’s Eve giving you this recipe round up of the year instead. So excited about that. Also, sarcasm and I are tight right now if you hadn’t noticed.

Top 10 recipes of 2012

Peanut butter chocolate chip no bake balls | Pumpkin paleo pancakes (that actually taste good) | Zesty quinoa cakes

Orange infused overnight steel cut oats | Almond zucchini bread {paleo} | Healthy peanut butter cookie dough dip

Peach frozen yogurt | Chocolate chunk paleo cookies | Almond coconut banana bread

I thought about doing 12 recipes for 2012 (so creative, I know), but I got lazy in digging through pageview stats on google analytics and capped this thing at 10 instead. 25 sounded nice too and would’ve made for a pretty collage but that was just way too much linking and searching of old pictures for my flu & inflammed L5 disc body to handle. I’ll admit, I’m pretty surprised by most of these. But then again, I’m always surprised at what “takes off” in popularity whether it be on here, on foodgawker, or on pinterest. Stuff I think is awesome, I get like 2 comments on. Stuff that just seems “ok” to me, goes through the roof. So what the hell do I know? The people of the internet have spoken and apparently out of 200+ recipes this year, oatmeal is worthy of the top 10. (I was happy to see at least one ball recipe make the cut though).

And the #1 most popular recipe of 2012…


Perfect protein pancakes |


Kind of makes me think twice about attempting that complicated paleo risotto (like how the heck can I get cauliflower to actually absorb liquid?!) I have in mind for later this week knowing that the most basic breakfast recipe would kick it’s butt in the world of internet food popularity.

Happy 2013! Hope your New Year’s is fun (and safe) and involves something more than sweats, hot chocolate and multiple episodes of White Collar like mine is turning out to be.


  1. says

    Happy New Year!!!

    I know what you mean about being surprised at what takes off… it’s always fun to see! These are some great recipes – I don’t know how I missed the zucchini-almond bread, but it’s going on my list to make.

  2. says

    I felt the same way about my most popular recipe! And then the ones I spend hooouuurrrsss on that I think are “sooo cool” always end up at the bottom of the popularity list. I’m all about those chocolate chunk cookies! They’re been on my list of recipes to try since you posted them!

  3. Yana says

    Those cookies are awesome! I’ve made them twice already, and had to divide them into individual piles for each member of the family to avoid fighting.

    I have no explanation of why I haven’t made the oatmeal or the quinoa cakes yet. Thinking of the later for the NYE dinner tonight.

    Wish you a Happy New Year and a quick recovery.

  4. Meg says

    I feel your pain – I’ve had sinusitis for two weeks now and it’s pretty much the worst way to spend the holidays. I hope you recover soon!

  5. Susan Hanley says

    Oh, Gina — that SOOOOO majorly sucks that you’re ill AND in pain. I’m getting the idea that you encouraged your hubs to “go anyway” — WOW! Good for you, since I seem to remember that he’s going through a killer job training @ the academy, and also sounded like a guy who needs to go out there and get physical, to relieve stress. (I’m married to one of those!)

    So, here you are, giving us this huge treat, in the midst of your struggles … may your 2013 be totally awesome! Hoping that you feel better ASAP!

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