Dark Chocolate Gingerbread Ice Cream

Dark chocolate gingerbread ice cream

This chocolate gingerbread ice cream is creamy with a kick of spice and plenty of chocolate chunks to keep the chocolate lovers happy. Some people are serious ice cream lovers. My brother and sister in law practically live off the stuff and my husband would pass up any dessert unless it’s ice cream (or apple…

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Dark Chocolate Dipped Orange Macaroons

Dark chocolate dipped orange macaroons ($500 Amazon gift card giveaway!)

These chocolate dipped orange macaroons are the perfect little holiday treat! You guys…I’m just all over excited about this post. 1. Cookies! 2. Said cookies are actually paleo (which is totally accidental and I just realized as I was writing the ingredient list out below). 3. See that silver platter? I’ve been salvation army hunting…

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Cinnamon Nut Stuffed Persimmons

Cinnamon nut stuffed persimmons

These stuffed persimmons are filled with chopped nuts, dates, chestnuts and lots of cinnamon; a healthy holiday treat at it’s best! When you’re 31 and 99.9% of your friends are married, pregnancy announcements (usually via facebook and some lovely picture of the inside of your friend’s uterus now front and center as their profile pic)…

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Pumpkin Ginger Waffle Bites

Pumpkin ginger waffle bites

These pumpkin ginger waffle bites are crispy with just a hint of spice and make breakfast just a bit more fun! So we’re all (well, most of us. Sorry, non-US readers) gearing up to stuff our faces tomorrow, right? Right. And while I wish my stomach would understand at 8am tomorrow morning when it’s all…

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pumpkin hot chocolate

From bookmark to blog: pumpkin hot chocolate with vanilla coconut milk whipped cream

Want to know what pretty much single-handedly got me through the 31 days of the paleo challenge? This. I don’t think it ever made it’s way into a post because it was always consumed at about 9pm after the day’s eats went up when the nightly tea + chocolate cravings would pretty much consume every ounce of…

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