no bake chocolate coco pumpkin bars (165x170)

No bake chocolate coco pumpkin bars

Yesterday, around 4:45pm, single lady-dom for the next 6 months (on weekdays) commenced. And while Ginger (who has been staring longingly out the window for the past hour as I type this) and I will definitely miss Ulysses during the week, I can’t say there aren’t some things that excite me about this sudden long-distance…

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Overnight buckwheat “oats”

The overnight oat thing is kind of beaten to a pulp in the world of food blogs. Beaten with pumpkin, stabbed with extracts and shot with toppings. No matter how you slice it….it’s dead. Overnight buckwheat groats, however? Bet you didn’t know that was possible. I figured if you can do the overnight thing with…

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No bake brownie fudge balls

Alright guys, you asked for them and so here they are. I have to say, this might’ve been the first time that while editing pictures, I was seriously questioning my sanity with throwing these out into the internet. I mean seriously. Look at them. I wasn’t kidding about the poop reference. I actually hate potty…

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