Peanut butter protein cookies

These peanut butter protein cookies are packed with protein and only 5 ingredients.
Peanut butter protein cookies

So the story with these cookies is kind of funny.

It’s around the normal “sweets witching hour” of the afternoon earlier this week, I decide I need something stat otherwise I can’t go on with another minute of my day. I head to the kitchen and decide to experiment by throwing pretty much nothing more than protein powder, an egg and peanut butter into a bowl, mixing it vigorously and rolling into balls to bake. Please note, it took every ounce of restraint I had to not leave them in ball form since it’s been approximately 3-4 weeks since the last “ball” recipe on here. Nope, I resisted and lightly pressed them down with a fork instead to make them more like cookies. Mostly because I don’t think I could come up with another peanut butter ball name considering the amount already on here. Throw cookie on the end and it’s a completely different beast. Obviously.

Peanut butter protein cookies

So they’re baking. I’m watching intently having no idea if this super simple combination is too good to be true when 8 minutes passes and I deem them done.

They kind of slid all over the silpat like air hockey pucks do from the oil in the peanut butter oozing out as they baked which I found slightly amusing. Mostly because it brought back memories of when Ulysses and I were dating in high school and going to the arcade was the cool thing to do. He was that person that would win and beat every game. Even the one with the claw thing that you grab the stuffed animal that’s been shoved down in the pile as tightly as possible. Yep, that one that no one wins. He did. But I kicked his ass in air hockey every time. I like that game. And therefore, I was already smitten with these little cookies.

I think I let them cool for about a minute before inhaling one, realizing the combination more than worked and doing a little happy dance in the kitchen. It didn’t last long though when I remembered I only made 6 since I was too scared to waste precious protein powder and peanut butter on an untested concoction.

So I let them cool, have another to make sure I wasn’t imagining things before and then make my final decision. They’re going on the blog.

I’m all excited. A new cookie recipe, 5 ingredients and packed with protein. Really, does it get better than that?

So I sit down to write this post and for some strange reason decide to google “peanut butter protein cookies” first.

Well guess what folks, they already freakin’ exist.

Peanut butter protein cookies

Am I pissed that I’m not as creative as I thought? No. But I am incredibly annoyed that I didn’t just turn to google in the first place because then I would’ve had more than 6 cookies on my counter.

*I’m not typing out “my” recipe because as a blogger, there’s nothing that bothers me more than purposely stolen content so see the link above for the details. I used the same amount of egg and vanilla but half the peanut butter and protein powder, 1/4 of the sugar substitute and only baked for 8 minutes. It seems like it’s a pretty “tweakable” recipe as far as ingredient measurements. They’re all things that are pretty forgiving so feel free to play around!


  1. says

    These make me almost want to try one….almost. (for those who don’t know me and think that was a rude comment – I don’t like Peanut butter.)

  2. says

    These looks amazing! I can’t wait to try them. It’ll give me a reason to buy protein powder since the Mr is looking to up his.

    (BTW, *you* made the recipe before Googling. Just because something similar exists doesn’t mean you “stole” it so personally I’d claim it. Just my opinion. :) )

    • says

      Yeah, I hear what you’re saying and had I not googled it, the recipe would’ve been up here but just knowing that it does exist and the ingredients are identical, it rubs me the wrong way. I’m probably being too nice/paranoid, but whatever :)

    • says

      Yeah, i just made that photo board. You might be seeing a lot of it in the near future, I’m slightly obsessed with the color ;)

  3. says

    I hate it when I think I’ve had a brilliant idea and then find almost exactly the same recipe elsewhere. Even if it’s my concoction, I still don’t like to post it not least because I’m worried that people will think I’ve stolen it. At least you got some delicious cookies out of it!

    • Running to the Kitchen says

      I think you could try it! They barely need any sweetener since the pb is kinda sweet to begin with so don’t add too much!

  4. says

    hmm, so you made these and then went to google to see that they already existed. to me, i still think that it’s “your” recipe. i’ve always had issues with this because i feel that no recipes are really unique. i feel that you’ll think of a brilliant recipe idea, make it, google it and then be like shit, it already exists. i don’t know, i just feel that if you conceptually came up with it all on your own without finding a recipe and then adapting it, it’s still “yours” i mean, people with cookbooks that have chocolate chip’s not technically “theirs” but it’s their cookbook with their name all over it. but they must’ve gotten the recipe somewhere or they came up with it on their own and then just happened to have the same ingredients as most choc chip cookies.

    sorry, i’m writing a novel. i just always have issues with this subject because i sometimes never know what to do either. to me, this is how i rationalize it: if i see a picture of a recipe I like and not look at the recipe, it’s inspired and i didn’t jack their recipe..if i USE a recipe and adapt it, i give credit, of course; but if i straight up stole it (not that i ever would), that’s another issue that we food bloggers deal with haha…and then if i just randomly think of something off the top of my head “omg this would be brilliant!” then make it and see it already exists..well, tough. to me, it’s still original because it stemmed from my brains.

    i probably made no sense. sorry if you hate me now lol

    • Running to the Kitchen says

      I agree with most of this, Julie! First of all, this is the first time I’ve ever “checked” a recipe on google so I’m sure there are other ones on here with the recipe written out and claimed as my own that other people have done before. We’re all just not original enough to create something 100% unique all the time :). My “policy” (which is self-imposed) on adapting or being inspired by and writing out recipes is this.. If I change one or two, sometimes even three if especially if they’re not “major” recipe components (like a recipe calling for cheddar and I use monterrey jack..) I will not write out the recipe and just link to the creator and state my changes. If I legitimately adapt (and of course that’s a gray area of definition), I’ll cite the site that inspired me and say “adapted from..” but write out my recipe.
      With this one, I just felt weird posting the recipe KNOWING it already existed. It was like choosing to not acknowledge it for me and if the reverse was true and someone KNEW my recipe existed but they posted it anyway, I’d be pissed. So I went with the old “do unto others…” saying in the end :)

  5. says

    Ha–I think it’s easy to repeat recipes that others have made, if not precisely, than closely! So many of us food bloggers have similar palates. Creativity is crucial, but of course, it becomes easy to overlap. Very kind and respectful of you, though to link to the original!

  6. says

    They look awesome and I’ve seen her recipe before and you are sweet NOT to type it out. Just to savor it and enjoy it and let those who are curious wander over there to get it.

    And loving the blue DIY wood project!

  7. says

    The same thing happened to me a while back… when I have tons of raw ingredients, I sit and think about what I can do with them and write out a recipe in my journal. So, last fall, I came up with roasted butternut squash pasta sauce. Then, I don’t know what prompted me to just Google and see if there are others who have come up with it already. Well, duh, Martha Stewart did. But since I really made up my own recipe, I still posted it anyway, but shared my story… Please don’t judge me! ;)

  8. says

    Hey RTTK, you could have written out your recipe…those mods to the recipe would give them a different texture etc.
    You’ve cited a similar recipe that pre-existed to you’re giving credit where it’s due. Plus, just because she beat you to it, doesn’t mean it wasn’t an original idea. There are oodles of similar recipes all over the web (mine included) and we all make the same thing our own way.

    So upshot is, FABULOUS cookies…I’m sharing on my FB page. Great work, as always!!!!!!!

    • Running to the Kitchen says

      Thanks for sharing :) I hear ya, I know I could’ve written it out it just felt wrong to me knowing it was already out there. Had I not googled it though, it would’ve been so maybe next time I just won’t check ;)

  9. Gracie says

    Those sound delicious! Not only does my husband love peanut butter but also chocolate so he would go crazy over these too! Sounds like your husband REALLY loves peanut butter! That’s so nice of you to make things with peanut butter for him when you don’t like it at all! I like it and sometimes grab a spoon of it to just eat like that! Peanut butter and raspberry jam are one of my favorites too.

  10. Elizabeth Brown says

    Oh Yummy. How do I stop after the two I just inhaled?
    Thank you AGAIN. Gina, I am making something or other that
    you have posted almost daily!!!

  11. says

    kudos to you for not reprinting… i think so many bloggers don’t realize that one of the best things they can do to support the blogging community on the whole is not re-post someone else’s recipe on their blog. the link does everything – provides the reader what they want & gives the original poster the traffic the deserve.

  12. Breanne says

    I’ve just stumbled on your blog and would LOVE to try these. I give full kudos for not reposting, but alas, at this time the other website is broken? Would you share your portions? :)

    Thank you!

    • Running to the Kitchen says

      Someone else mentioned the same thing and I feel horrible but I didn’t end up keeping the recipe/proportions and I honestly cannot remember for the life of me since this was so long ago. I’m betting you can’t really make these horrible by experimenting though. Try 1 egg, 1 teaspoon vanilla, a scoop of protein powder and maybe 1/2 cup of pb with some sweetener of choice. Hope it works!

    • Lauren says

      Breanne, I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I literally just found this recipe yesterday and I LOVE peanut butter. And I LOVE cookies. And I’m working out pretty hard these days (not CrossFit…not yet, anyway – I’m intimidated and I don’t live in a place with a facility/schedule that suits my needs – excuses, excuses, right?) so I can only justify a snack if it’s got tons of protein in it. I was going to whine about the link to the other site not working because, Google as I might, I couldn’t come up with a recipe that looked like the one Gina RTTK posted, nor with similar ingredients mentioned. Thanks, Gina, for providing a rough guideline.

      Gina, I do have a question – 1 “scoop” of vanilla whey protein is mentioned in many of your protein recipes. How much is a scoop? How much protein powder are we talking about in grams and how many grams of protein is in that scoop? Are you able to share the brand/brands and serving size you commonly use? Thanks!


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