10 post workout snack ideas

10 post workout snack ideas using almond milk that are high in protein.
10 post-workout snack ideas

I’ve been working out hard lately. Not that crossfit workouts aren’t always hard, but I’ve been stepping things up a bit whether it’s running 2-3 miles a day in addition to crossfit or joining the “competitors class” at my box in preparation for next year’s open. On average, I’d say that creates about a 500-600 calorie deficit just from workouts which is essentially another meal.

With all this, I’m also actively trying (and so far so good!) to lose the 10 pounds that has crept up on me slowly in the last 12 months from the “oh, I’ll just take a bite of that brownie I made for a freelance article” mentality. You know, so by the time bathing suit season ends I’ll be exactly where I want to be (great timing, Gina).

With these hard workouts and refocused diet, one thing that needs to be on point is post workout recovery. It’s so easy to come back from a workout absolutely ravenous and reach for everything in sight. I can’t tell you how many times that’s happened and how many times I’ve probably consumed 500 calories of stuff that in reality, did nothing for me in terms of recovery.


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