Sweet Pea Lemon Crepe Cake

This sweet pea lemon crepe cake is made with grain free crepes and layered with a sweet pea, ricotta, lemon and creme fraiche filling making it the perfect spring dessert!

Eating local seasonal produce as much as possible (I do live in New York, not California) has always been one of my “things”. When Ulysses brought home a bag of pears from the store the other day, I cringed. When he asks me to buy asparagus in August, I do the same and try to explain to him neither of those things will have been grown anywhere remotely close to our zip code. While I’ve begged for years to get our own garden started, outside of a few tomato plants and potted herbs, it hasn’t happened. So, while I’d love to take on the task of growing my own produce as much as possible, I’m very much reliant on buying at this point in time.

Sweet Pea Lemon Crepe Cake

As a Silk ambassador for the year, I’ve been asked to share an inspirational project from start to finish with you guys. After joining a CSA a couple of summers ago, I knew that wasn’t something I wanted to do again (the logistics of pickup were less than convenient and the price tag seemed hefty for what we got) but the desire to eat as close to home as possible for the months where that’s feasible (spring, summer & fall) was no less strong. I decided my inspirational project would be just that; an eight month journey through farmers markets and local seasonal produce, some recipes and some informational posts that will hopefully inspire you to do the same in your area.


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Thai Pea Soup 450x450

Thai Pea Soup {Video}

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Sriracha Lime Chicken

Sriracha Lime Chicken Skillet

This sriracha lime chicken skillet is an easy dinner that's spicy, refreshing and cooked in one pan! It's made with Spectrum Naturals® extra virgin olive oil who is sponsoring this post. I first … Read More →

Purple power smoothie 450x450

5 Ways to Eat More Vegetables for Breakfast

Not that I listen to the government very often, particularly when it comes to them telling me how to eat, but the recommended amount of vegetables for men and women is anywhere between 2-3 cups per … Read More →

No Bake Oatmeal Raspberry Sandwich Cookies 450x450

No Bake Oatmeal Raspberry Sandwich Cookies

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Coconut Caramel Coffee Pudding 450x450

Coconut Caramel Coffee Pudding

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Paleo Lemon Macaroons

Paleo Lemon Macaroons

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Mexican stuffed onions 450x450

Mexican Stuffed Onions

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Coconut Date Spread 450x450

Coconut Date Spread {Giveaway}

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