Apple carrot cake pancakes with maple cream cheese topping

These apple carrot cake pancakes are topped with a maple cream cheese sauce. They’re hearty, warming and perfect for fall.

Here are the foods in every category I can think of that wouldn’t phase me in the least if I never ate them again.

Meat: chicken

Vegetable: peas

Sweets: candy (like the sugary, corn syrupy kind)

Grain: couscous

Nut: peanuts (as a nut, not as butter and I know it’s a technically a legume but let’s just pretend it’s not)

Legume: black beans

Apple carrot cake pancakes with maple cream cheese topping

And lastly,

Fruit: apples

Apple carrot cake pancakes

Apples are just so boring in the realm of fruit. I’ll give Honeycrisp it’s deserved praise and say it is far superior to the rest but up against a peach, any berry and even a banana I have to say sorry, apple, I’m just not that into you. The fact that I live in a place that refers to itself as The Big “least favorite of all my fruits” probably adds to my distaste for the state now that I think of it.

That said, it’s apple season and I live with someone who happens to think the exact opposite about the place of the apple in the ranking of fruit (he’s wrong, as usual) so our fridge is full of them.


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