Pumpkin Popovers with Cranberry Relish (Blendtec giveaway)

These pumpkin popovers are easily made in the blender and topped with a tart and tangy cranberry relish also made in the blender. Perfect for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 2010 was the first and only time I had previously made popovers. I had ambitiously agreed to host Thanksgiving for about 15 people, had my menu all set and instead of making life easy for myself and buying some rolls to go with the feast we had planned, I decided to make popovers.

Pumpkin popovers actually. Not these pumpkin popovers, a very different recipe from a very large site and unfortunately, the results were anything but what you see here.

A flat, deflated, undercooked (raw) in the middle, burnt on the outside, horrible waste of flour, eggs and milk.

Pumpkin popovers with cranberry relish

I’ll accept half blame for their failure as Thanksgiving is probably the worst time to experiment with popovers as a host when your attention is on 50 other things (the turkey, the sides, what’s in the microwave, what’s on the stovetop, is the table set, are there enough chairs, is the silver polished…) and considering Ulysses decided to herniate a disc in his neck that very morning and was laid out on our bed upstairs moaning in pain (we ended the night in the ER). But, looking back at that recipe, I’m pretty sure it’s just not right.

Popovers should be easy. In fact, they really are. There are only two small tricks: resisting the urge to open the oven door (you may not do this under any circumstances!) and preheating the popover (or muffin) tin. That’s it. I have faith in you, I think you can handle that.

Pumpkin popovers and cranberry relish

Making this recipe even easier is the fact that they’re prepped completely in the blender.

No bowls and no whisks dripping batter all over your countertop, just the blender.


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