Apple Fritter Muffins

These apple fritter muffins are made with tiger nut flour and oil for a gluten free treat that’s perfect for fall.

A couple of years ago I made apple fritter muffins for a freelance article. They were beyond delicious (and one of my last happy memories with my Grandma who called me to tell me as much when I brought her a few right after she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer) but also made with your typical AP flour and sugar mixtures, two things I don’t regularly eat any longer.

Apple fritter muffins

That said, I’ve been wanting to recreate that recipe ever since making it healthier all around. Having picked up my first bunch of local apples this past weekend, I figured now was as good a time as any.

I contemplated making these paleo, but when it comes to a fritter, the glaze is just a necessary component. I wasn’t going to sit here concocting a coconut butter glaze and try to tell you it tastes like the real deal apple fritter glaze, it just wouldn’t in this application. Sometimes you need a little powdered sugar in your life.


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