It’s official!

Come November I’ll be running my second half marathon in Philadelphia!

2011 Philadelphia Marathon

I finally bit the bullet and registered last night after debating back and forth on this for awhile now. With 10 weeks from now until race day it’s the perfect amount of time to get a training plan together and start racking up those miles!

I haven’t put my plan together yet but I’ve done some research and have some ides about how I want to tackle this half. Last year in training for the Palm Beach half marathon, I just focused solely on working up to the mileage. I ran about 4 times a week but looking back there was probably at least 1 “junk run” in there.

Palm Beach half marathon

My goal for this half is to run 3 times a week but make each run count. I definitely want to make sure to have 1 speed work run in the plan. After the race last year, I was very happy to have finished and done so under my 2 hour goal I set for myself but, I couldn’t help but wonder if I could’ve done it a few minutes faster had I trained a little more diligently. I’m not sure that’s possible at Philly since the courses are not comparable (there wasn’t as much as a 1 foot incline on the Palm Beach course!) but, I’m going to try. If I can beat my 1:57:16 time, awesome. If not, at least I gave it my all and tried. So that’s my attitude, can’t wait to see how this one goes!

The race registration and some twitter motivation were exactly what I needed to get my butt to the hotel gym yesterday for what turned out to be a great workout. Thanks Cat!


I was seriously tempted to take a nap (the time zone change kills me coming out here. I can’t sleep past 4:30am) but so glad I didn’t. It’s true, you never regret a workout!

I did a slower than normal 4 mile tempo run on the treadmill with mile splits of 9:30, 9:05, 8:57, 9:35. My shins are still incredibly sore from the 10k race on Monday so I wanted to take it easy. I’m guessing it was the hills? I don’t really ever get sore shins like this!

I finished up the workout with some quick strength training consisting of

  • pushups
  • bicep curls
  • shoulder press
  • tricep dips

I didn’t want to do too much because I plan on doing the last NROLFW workout in stage 2 when I get home today. Just enough to make my arms a bit shaky.

hotel treadmill run

And no, I’m not just taking a picture of myself during my workout for the heck of it here. It’s a hint as to what tomorrow’s GIVEAWAY might be! Yep, first giveaway ever on Running to the Kitchen taking place tomorrow so make sure to check it out! It may or may not be one of things I’m wearing in this picture. For extra hints go check out the lovely Skinny Runner or Hungry Runner Girl, they might have just done the same giveaway.

A final hint (like you need any more)…it will make the perfect accompaniment to my running wardrobe as I up my mileage in the training for this half.

What’s your favorite motivational saying to get yourself through a workout when you’re not necessarily feeling it? If you guys have some good ones, I’ll compile a list. I might be needing some in the next 10 weeks!


  1. says

    congrats on signing up for another half! I like your approach this time – I tried to the same with my second half…3 (sometimes 4 but not always) runs per week and made sure that each one counted or else, why bother right? For my third half, I’m hoping to increase my speed a bit too – I’d LOVE to hit 2 hours for this one but we’ll see. Trying not to put too much pressure on…though this race is supposedly “flat and fast” so that’s got to help me out too (my last half was super duper hilly), I hope.

  2. Taralyn says

    This race is almost all flat. There are only like two hills. I think if you run any hills it’s not bad. Philly is pretty flat, so I rarely see hills. The race is a good one. Big and well organized and the course is interesting as it takes you all over the city. I look forward to catching up with you when you’re here! (That sort of felt awkwardly formal, oh well)

    • Running to the Kitchen says

      haha, any time I type “I look forward to…” in an email I feel the same way. We should definitely catch up though at some point that weekend!

    • Running to the Kitchen says

      ha! no it’s a lululemon top with a bunch of writing that’s repeated on the shirt, not leopard. Although, that would be bad ass and if I ever see a leopard workout shirt, I’m now buying it.

  3. says

    I know what it is!!!!! You are wearing them in the pic and lookin hot! Good luck in Philly! I want to run it too but I’m running the Hershey half in Oct and a half in Penn State in December so I could probably use the break!

  4. says

    I hope you’re giving away those compression shorts — I really want a pair!

    I’m glad you signed up for the race and I think you are really smart for planning on 3 runs that are good — I cut out 1 run per week because it was a total junk run. Now I seem to be doing better than before!

  5. barbara says

    I think you should have checked with your dog sitter before signing up! :) Hope its not her birthday weekend!! or Thanksgiving!!

  6. says

    Congrats on registering for your 2nd half-marathon! I have yet to register for my FIRST! But that will be my goal for next year :) To push myself in running… I try to tell myself to not worry about whether or not I can complete the run. Just run… and my body will tell me when to stop :)


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