Working Out with a Baby at Home

Instead of torturing you while you slave away behind desks at work with more pictures of the sun, sand, water, beach and midday beers (all of which were lovely yesterday), I’ve got a guest post for you from Kat over at Living like the Kings instead. Don’t worry, me and my torturous ways will be back tomorrow. Kat is actually a coworker of mine who happens to be in the IT department at work. She has not only dealt with my horrendous track record with all things technology at work (I went through 5 computers in 2010 due to viruses. I wish I were kidding) but, she has been such a huge help with getting this little blog started from encouraging me to start the blog and designing my first header to trading behind the blog secrets since. So, I leave you with Kat and her adorable daughter, Peanut. Go check out her blog for cute pictures of her baby and that mysterious co-worker who called an ice cream truck a Ding Dong Cart. Yes, it happens to be her husband, also a coworker.


Many moons ago I would consider myself a work out junkie.  I jogged 5 days a week, took a Body pump class 3 days a week, and spent my “free” time hiking, roller blading and going for leisurely strolls.

Then I had a baby.

On top of my 40+ hour work week, taking care of my 6 month old, blogging, and being a wife, I found that adding in a decent work out was pretty much impossible.

I tried to run a couple of miles here and there, but the older the baby got, the less time it seemed I had.  Our days were packed to the brim.

So I had to get creative.

Baby squats

aquarium and other 134

aquarium and other 136

Extra points if you are walking in a squat position.

`aquarium and other 121

Baby crunches

aquarium and other 130

aquarium and other 131

The dog is not necessary, although he does make a decent trainer.

Baby curls

aquarium and other 125

aquarium and other 123

These are super easy to do, even when you’re still in bed.

I’m still trying to find a balance in life, but this is a start.

How do you find time to work out with a busy schedule?


  1. says

    Cute! I do a circuit workout when I’m short on time, but I bet I’ll be doing baby workouts when the hubs and I eventually get one of our own. I’ve seen baby yoga, and I love the idea of workout out with your little one. Quality + Buring Calories = :)

  2. says

    As always Kat has the best ideas! I have to get myself into the routine of taking Molly our pup for a bike ride. On Sunday night we did about 3 miles and she was tired. I’d like to get up to 4 to 5 miles, but she’s only 4 months so it’ll be alittle bit before I’ll try that.

  3. says

    Wow is Peanut cuter than any barbell I’ve seen – maybe you could ask if you could bring her to BodyPump and use her instead? She would be great for the arm tracks, I’d bet! (Thanks for sharing! I’m glad to hear that a lot of these are great for anyone with a busy schedule, too!)

  4. says

    haha, this is too cute! I try to fit some lunges in while walking around the house. It’s cool til someone in my family ( or even worse, not in my family) sees me. Then its all laughs from there on :) but hey, every little bit counts huh?

  5. says

    Love the baby/exercise pics!

    I am a mom of two, I work full-time, manage two blogs, and am currently training for not one, not two, but THREE half marathons this fall. I run three days a week in the early morning and strength train 2-3 days a week during my lunch hour. (I blog on my lunch hour the other days).

    • Running to the Kitchen says

      Holy cow Stephanie, superwoman! Seriously, I’m going to think about this comment on the days I feel lazy b/c I’m pretty sure that will be all the inspiration I need!

      • says

        Thanks! I didn’t start running until after I had kids and realized it was a great way to get some time for myself. My kids are out of the baby stage (5 and 2) so I do have a little more freedom with my schedule. Having a supportive husband and in-laws that live nearby also helps. Taking a little time each day to do things I enjoy (like blogging and running) makes me a happier, healthier mom!

  6. says

    Okay, this is just about cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

    After reading this, I walked away with three conclusions:
    1. Moms have to be seriously fit to keep up with their kids!
    2. It’s possible to lead a healthy lifestyle, even if you’re super busy
    3. I should probably go get myself a gorgeous baby so I’ll be motivated to play and exercise all day…

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