Currently wanting…

Currently wanting

Not many words today, just some link love.

This is the food that has tempted and haunted me all week, the food that I’ve dreamt about (yes, I actually did dream about one of these) and not surprisingly, mostly food that I can’t (or am choosing not to) eat right now. So, I’m passing it off to you to enjoy instead in hopes that it will stop tormenting me in my sleep.

-Christina’s cookie dough bites. I know I just made a damn good healthy cookie dough dip but this real version in those perfect little chocolate balls is just killlling me. I want.

-Cassie’s grilled goat cheese & roasted grape sandwich. I’ve been wanting to do roasted grapes for awhile now. This put me over the edge. I actually made a dish with them yesterday after seeing her sandwich. It has quinoa & almonds, not gooey goat cheese & bread. It’s delicious, but there’s really no comparing it to this.

Currently wanting

-Erin’s chocolate post which is actually a compilation post itself. Click that and be prepared to lose yourself in chocolate for at least 30 minutes. Reader beware.

-Kathryne’s most recent Food Matter’s post on avocado toast. I actually do this all the time already but something about her freshly baked baguette is making me crave that hardcore on good bread, not store bought whole wheat.

-And speaking of good bread…Rachel’s spicy garlic bread. Just look at the last picture on that post. Is there anything more perfect in this world than those slices on top? It’s not even the spicy garlic part that gets me on this, just the absolute perfection of that loaf.

Currently wanting

And what are these pictures I’ve been shoving in your face of creamy pasta & kale?

-Ashley’s ingenious idea to make a creamy marinara sauce with tofu.

Perfect way to get some protein in with a pasta dish. I used soba noodles for even more protein and gobbled this up in about 2 minutes. It seriously tastes like the absolutely horrible for you vodka cream sauce from your local Italian joint except none of the guilt. Zero. I halved the sauce recipe and still had a ton leftover. It’s since been slathered on everything from turkey muffins to roasted vegetables to the base of a tortilla wrap. Delicious.

Happy drooling!


  1. says

    Gah! Ashley’s creamy marinara sauce with tofu KILLED me the other day and now it’s killing me again!!

    I need to make this. Like yesterday.

    Love the link love! A lot of good recipes in there :)

  2. says

    Erin’s chocolate post yesterday made me drool, number 11 on her list is Laura’s pancakes with Hot cocoa powder. I have made it and it is heaven. Also, I was so going to make your sweet potato kale bites but I ate too many fries yesterday and couldn’t stomach more potatoes. So, I’m making them tonight and just can’t wait.

  3. says

    I’ve been using silken tofu a lot lately for a variety of applications – including making creamy sauces! Such an easy, versatile ingredient :)

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