Philadelphia half marathon training: week 7

What a weekend! I think we’re currently getting our “payback” for never losing power during Hurricane Irene this summer because we’re still without it this morning. The worst part is that the utility company’s website says “power has been restored to your area” when in fact that is one big LIE! I hate sitting here…

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Philadelphia half marathon training: week 6

Hope you guys had a great weekend! I was so psyched to be home this weekend and had grand plans to go apple picking, get our pumpkin and enjoy some workouts in this perfect fall weather. Then Friday night came and BAM…sick. Much of the weekend was therefore spent on the couch with a box…

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Philadelphia half marathon training: week 5

Another week down another training recap coming at ya! First, let’s do the catch up thing. Here’s what you missed if you were being a slacker this weekend. On the road granola bars <—a great easy homemade snack option Saturday ramblings you guys rock with dress advice! Vegetable barley chili <—a spicy fall must *******…

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Philadelphia half marathon training: week 4

Happy Columbus Day for those of you lucky enough to have the day off! For those of us working, yeah, happy Monday. Our jobs suck, huh? If you’re catching up from the weekend, because if you live anywhere in the northeast I really hope you weren’t on the computer and rather outside enjoying the amazing…

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Philadelphia half marathon training week 3

Welcome to another week! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Here’s what you missed if you’re just catching up. Friday five: A fun Friday survey type post Sneak peak at some the wedding festivities of the weekend Shanna & Joe’s wedding a full recap of the wedding ********* On to week 3 of training. It’s…

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