Almond carrot bodyrock balls

So what started out as intrigue last week has now turned into a full blown obsession. I’ve done bodyrock workouts for 7 out of the last 9 days and absolutely love them. My body has never been as sore as it was this past week and yet for some reason that excites me. I feel…

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Orange kefir chia pudding

I actually have 2 completely unrelated, recently discovered, amazing things to talk about today starting with this concoction. Chia pudding. You’ve probably seen it before, I’m definitely not the first person to post it but this combination BLEW ME AWAY. So much so that it deserved a mention. First of all, let’s start by addressing…

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10 things I’m loving this week

1. Workouts. Call me crazy but I’ve been having a ton of fun lately keeping my mileage low and switching things up with different strength circuits instead. Two of my favorites from this week: The first one is my own creation inspired by a 5X50 workout I saw on Julie’s pinterest board. I’m just not…

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A phase

I went through a phase over the past week. You know, the kind where you skip one day of workouts and that turns into two days and then since you’re on day #2, why not make it three? Three turns into four… See where I’m going? Yeah, it happens to the best of us. Not…

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My favorite cardio & strength workouts

At the risk of sounding completely cliché posting about my favorite workouts on January 2nd, I promise this has nothing to do with resolutions, diets, fads, or “new beginnings” (although, more power to you if that’s the journey you’re embarking on today. You can do it!) and more so just because I thought it was…

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