Philadelphia half marathon race recap & new PR!

�� We did it! I kind of cringe posting this picture because let’s just say it’s not my best look, but it is the look of a new PR! Woohoo! Two things I’d like to establish up front: 1. All you people that told me it’s a flat course are LIARS! This is not a…

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Philadelphia half marathon training plan

Want to know how to make yourself feel better about the fact that you spent 6 hours on a beautiful day indoors eating greasy, fried Italian-American (I can’t bear to call it actual Italian) food? Come home and make your half marathon training plan. Is it odd that I had a smile plastered on my…

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It’s official!

Come November I’ll be running my second half marathon in Philadelphia! I finally bit the bullet and registered last night after debating back and forth on this for awhile now. With 10 weeks from now until race day it’s the perfect amount of time to get a training plan together and start racking up those…

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Rhinebeck mad dash 10K race recap

Hope everyone had a great long weekend! I tried to take some time off the internet to relax so if you were doing the same here’s what you missed: The most uncomfortable motorcycle ride of my life + an amazing burger joint Ulysses being the ultimate redneck ****** Yesterday was my first ever 10K race….

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10K training update: the good & the bad

This trip is turning out to be quite the foodie adventure. Yesterday’s meals included tri-tip tacos for lunch, self-serve frozen yogurt and a Thai feast for dinner.  All of which made up for the fact that I missed breakfast. We had a late meeting so I used the time in the morning to get my…

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