Beach to Beacon 10k race weekend

This may not be a surprise to most of you, but Maine is absolutely gorgeous. At least in August. I don’t even want to think about winter there considering I can barely keep myself out of a seasonal depression funk in New York come January and February. Spending this past weekend there with a great…

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Palm beach half marathon race recap

I came, I saw…..uh, I did not conquer. Don’t let those thumbs up fool you, there was a grimace, a head shake and a thumbs down when I first saw Ulysses about .25 miles from the finish, but I quickly realized how horrible of a picture that would make and changed my tune. Some days…

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Pre-race emotions & a mango smoothie

No pancake Sunday this week guys. Sorry, but with being away from home and running a half marathon this morning, it just didn’t happen. Speaking of said half marathon, you know, the one I was so quick to register for not even 48 hours after Philadelphia. The one that required $600+ in flights for Ulysses…

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Palm Beach half marathon training plan

Hope everyone in the US had a great long holiday weekend. Usually Mondays after a long holiday are even tougher than normal but this one isn’t nearly as bad knowing we’re heading to Florida on Thursday! If you’re catching up from the long weekend, here’s what you might have missed. Things I’m thankful for this…

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Oops!…I did it again

Not the Britney song, another half marathon. Flights are booked, exorbitant registration fees are paid, thoughts of another PR are lingering. T-11 days. Obviously, I have issues.