Philadelphia half marathon training week 8

So who was glued to their TV or computer yesterday watching the NYC marathon? <—ME! I watched the coverage for the first time last year and can guarantee that if I wasn’t already into running, I would’ve been after that. I’m seriously amazed by those runners who can run 26 miles at an average pace…

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Philadelphia half marathon training: week 5

Another week down another training recap coming at ya! First, let’s do the catch up thing. Here’s what you missed if you were being a slacker this weekend. On the road granola bars <—a great easy homemade snack option Saturday ramblings you guys rock with dress advice! Vegetable barley chili <—a spicy fall must *******…

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Philadelphia half marathon training week 3

Welcome to another week! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Here’s what you missed if you’re just catching up. Friday five: A fun Friday survey type post Sneak peak at some the wedding festivities of the weekend Shanna & Joe’s wedding a full recap of the wedding ********* On to week 3 of training. It’s…

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Philadelphia half marathon training week 2

Happy Monday! Ok, not really. What Monday is actually happy? But, it was a pretty great weekend around these parts. If you’re catching up here’s what you missed: When the world gives you 3lbs of prunes you…. A few Friday facts A teaser of some of the recipes coming up this week after a Saturday…

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Thursday thoughts (from the bike)

Wednesday is a cross training day. I spent an hour on the bike yesterday. Some of my random thoughts & observations during that time: 1. 15 mph is fast enough that when a bug flies into your mouth it will be forced to the back of your throat and make you choke. 2. People that…

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