A phase

I went through a phase over the past week. You know, the kind where you skip one day of workouts and that turns into two days and then since you’re on day #2, why not make it three? Three turns into four… See where I’m going? Yeah, it happens to the best of us. Not…

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My favorite cardio & strength workouts

At the risk of sounding completely cliché posting about my favorite workouts on January 2nd, I promise this has nothing to do with resolutions, diets, fads, or “new beginnings” (although, more power to you if that’s the journey you’re embarking on today. You can do it!) and more so just because I thought it was…

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Pumped up kale salad with hummus dressing

Don’t take offense to this but, I’m betting you could use a salad right about now. Am I right? Today marks day 3 of cookie detox and I think I’m finally getting back to the point of maybe wanting something sweet later on. It only took a whole head of kale, 1.5 pounds of mushrooms…

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Palm Beach half marathon training plan

Hope everyone in the US had a great long holiday weekend. Usually Mondays after a long holiday are even tougher than normal but this one isn’t nearly as bad knowing we’re heading to Florida on Thursday! If you’re catching up from the long weekend, here’s what you might have missed. Things I’m thankful for this…

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Philadelphia half marathon training: week 9

I had this song in my head all weekend (possibly the best 80s hair ever.) It’s the last week before the Philly half and after my long run on Saturday, it somehow popped into my head and has stayed there since. We actually used to listen to this song warming up for soccer games in…

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