A Post About Chocolate

So this is a post about chocolate. And yet, here I am struggling with what to say.

That’s not a problem I usually have.


Thing is, as part of the DailyBuzz Food Tastemaker’s program, Ghirardelli sent me an obscene amount of chocolate and instead of making something with it (which I did anyway and you should too) they asked us to talk about how we create “special moments” and pairings with it.

Enter the struggling with what to say thing.

“Special moments” and “pairings” are way too thought out for what transpires when it’s me vs. chocolate.

Usually, it’s more along the lines of something like this:

think about chocolate.

think about something a bit healthier instead.

eat healthier thing.

think about chocolate again.

cave and walk to the pantry.

unwrap, insert in mouth and eat while still facing pantry door.

I know I’m not alone here.

Chocolate is an instant fix for me most of the time. But, for the handful of moments I do put more than a 10 second internal dialogue to the occasion, these are a few of my favorite ways of enjoying it.

ghirardelli chocolate

Alone. Sans any accoutrements. Give me some of the really dark stuff and I refuse to taint it with any pairings. I’m just one of the odd ones that loves the bitter stuff. This is the stuff I’ll savor though and take my time with. One square is just enough.

ghirardelli chocolate

Two words…



ghirardelli chocolate

Chocolate + crunchy almond butter + sea salt (especially when it’s Sea Salt Soiree)….I die.

ghirardelli chocolate

With fruit.

Simple and you get a serving of fruit in. 3 black berries to half a square of Cabernet Matinee is where it’s at.

ghirardelli chocolate

The hazelnut and toffee ones are next up on the pairing list because those are just screaming for something delicious to go with. I’ll keep you posted. And it might be a sooner than later occurrence because as of today I’m now officially closer to 31 than 30 and that just seems to warrant some chocolate, don’t ya think?

This post is brought to you by Ghirardelli Intense Dark™ Chocolate.


  1. Deb says

    Nearly started drooling while reading this post, we love dark chocolate! For my husbands 40th birthday I made chocolate truffles as dessert and we paired it with a ruby port. Amazing!

  2. Brittany says

    Bahahahaha! I just burst out laughing at your description of craving chocolate… ” eat something healthy and then go back for chocolate.”… This is my life every single day. I’ve just decided to acknowledge that I need at least one dark chock square every single day and that’s that!

    Also your blog is amazing and I feel like something is missing in my life if I don’t read it!

    • Running to the Kitchen says

      Thank you, Brittany! That seriously just made my day. Especially after a handful of crazies left some ridiculous comments earlier today. :)

  3. says

    Seat salt soiree are the three best words I have heard today. Other than intense dark chocolate. Actually I can’t decide which three I like better. Getting all these bars in the mail would probably be one of the best days in my life. Ever. You are a lucky gal.

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