Honey Chicken Salad with Apples & Sage (157x195)

Honey chicken salad with apples & sage

So here’s the thing with Christmas, I love the whole “idea” of it. The sparkling lights, the cozy clothes, the pretty wrapped presents, the music (although that song “Same Old Lang Syne”, has got to be THE most depressing thing ever), the smell of the Christmas…. It’s all just so lovely, isn’t it? Until you…

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Applesauce  (154x205)

{quick & simple} Apple, pear, cranberry sauce

Wondering why you’re seeing an applesauce recipe 2 days before December and not 3 months ago? Well, I shall tell you. 1. I was in the mood to bake on Monday. Like bake, bake. Cookie galore bake (perhaps because the second Thanksgiving was over, every food blogger I know threw up a holiday cookie recipe)….

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no bake chocolate coco pumpkin bars (165x170)

No bake chocolate coco pumpkin bars

Yesterday, around 4:45pm, single lady-dom for the next 6 months (on weekdays) commenced. And while Ginger (who has been staring longingly out the window for the past hour as I type this) and I will definitely miss Ulysses during the week, I can’t say there aren’t some things that excite me about this sudden long-distance…

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rosemary spiced maple cider nuts (156x205)

Spiced rosemary maple cider nuts

The idea (and I say that only because I think I’ve had maybe 2 in my whole adult life even though I reallllly want to have them every weekend) of dinner parties sounds great. You spend all your time coming up with some awesomely delicious main dish, a cast of supporting sides and some homemade…

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sponsor shout out

November sponsor shout out

Since I bet most of us (well, U.S.’ers at least) are still recovering from our Day of Thanks (and the havoc it wreaks on our stomachs) let’s just continue with that whole thankful theme and give the November sponsors some love today. Angel’s blog is all about her healthy lifestyle while juggling her life as…

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