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I can’t even believe October is nearly over. I thought I had weeks left to write this month’s shout out post until I saw a tweet yesterday announcing Thanksgiving was in exactly one month. I don’t know which to be more scared of, the fact that 23 days just flew by like that or that I’m only 30 days away from my commitment to make pumpkin ravioli from scratch for my entire family instead of turkey this year (who actually likes the turkey anyway?). Gah.

Anyway, October sponsors. Let’s do this.

Speaking of time flying this month, I’m betting Anne feels the same considering she got MARRIED, took an envious little mini-moon in the mountains of Virginia, and ran the Army 10 miler all within the past 2 weeks.

For those of you who don’t know Anne, she blogs all about her life as an RD to be with plenty of quick and easy healthy recipes along the way. Anne and I actually went to college together and were in the same sorority back in the day. I internet stalked her long before this blog existed and she was one of my main motivators to start running and change up my diet for the better a few years back. I then admitted that to her at a friend’s wedding a couple of summers ago during a bathroom rendezvous. Funny what a few drinks will do to your verbal filter. Although, my filter has some big holes in it even without the drinks.

Favorite post this month? Here’s To Today and What Will Follow Not your typical Fannetastic Food post, but super sweet and made me so happy for the both of them on their wedding.

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Miss WIAW herself has been super busy this month with some awesome posts. And she just ran her first official 5k. Kinda proud of her for that.

Some faves from this month:

Homemade Sushi [Tips, Tricks & Toppings]: Want to know how to make sushi at home? Read this.

Get Involved! Lunch Break For Kids: A glimpse into how her veggie passion started.

Bribery via Cookies: They’re not paleo and I don’t care. They look freakin’ amazing.

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I never thought I’d be thankful for the fact that my dog has the oh, so lovely propensity for finding and rolling in other animal’s feces but somehow Kat made me realize that I am with this post last month. It can always be worse I guess.

Favorite posts from the month:

Sometimes “good enough” is good enough: This post got her featured on the front page of Blogher. Enough said.

Toddler hair: Her not even 2 year old has more hairstyles than I do. This is a cute compilation of them all.

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    want me to come braid your hair in the morning? The only deal is that if you’re crying and wiggling while I do, I’m not sticking around. ;)

  2. 3


    Haha… I remember that bathroom rendezvous well! You were so cute and I was really honored to hear I’d had a part in your motivation to get healthier! And even more honored to hear a little later that I had a part in inspiring you to start this stunning blog.


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